adventures in running

>downtown 3 mile run

>I wasn’t in a great mood for the run! I didn’t really want to run. I could have fallen asleep in my car on my drive downtown.

I’m the slowest runner in the bunch. Nothing new there. So you wouldn’t assume there’d be too many people in my way …. and for this run, you would have been wrong! There were two ladies that were in my way several times. I was used to this in my No Boundaries training, but this is new in Pathways. They are people who have run exclusively at Blue Dome for this Pathways training. I’ve run down there several times now and they’ve never been in my way. I just don’t understand what the problem was!

Could have been because I was in a foul mood anyway that I let it bother me!

I’ve decided I need a Garmin. The problem is, I can’t afford one. Soooo ….. if anyone has one they’d like to give me, I’d take it!

3.06 in 43:55
Average pace 14:20 (which is what I saw a lot while I was running!!!)
Mile 1 – 14:05
Mile 2 – 15:03
Mile 3 – 16:09
Mile 3-3.04 (??) – 0:37

So …. those times don’t add up to 43:55 ….. something’s wrong!


2 responses

  1. >Is that the one I need? If so, why that one?

    April 12, 2011 at 12:12 pm

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