adventures in running

>afternoon run

>We didn’t run on Thursday … we had threats of severe weather.

So the last time I ran was Monday night.

Mom and I went to the Women of Joy conference yesterday and today in OKC. And I drove both ways. SHOCKER!!!! I don’t do well driving long distances. Yes … an hour and a half is a long distance!! I can fall asleep in the car between Owasso and Tulsa!!

I hadn’t planned on running today! I didn’t drink much water yesterday. I had even less water today. We stopped at the Fleet Feet store downtown on our way through and got some Sport Beans and some Honey Stingers Cherry Blossom chews. Some for today’s run and some for the runs to come.

It was warm this afternoon. Very little wind at all. My legs were tight. I gave up after about 2 miles but had to make it back to my car! HA

In other news ….. I bought a Garmin 305 on ebay! It should be here by Wednesday!!!

My 10k is A WEEK FROM TODAY!!!

2.4 miles in 36:24
Mile 1 – 14:49
Mile 2 – 15:31
Mile 2-2.4 – 6:06


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