adventures in running

>hot, sticky run

>I thought I was prepared for today’s run.

I had plenty of water to drink. I started drinking my gatorade at about 4:30, like usual.

I had options for clothing.

I just wasn’t prepared for the heat!

And my calves were tight the whole time.

And after 2 miles the arch on my left foot hurt!

A few times, the entire group circled around to get me …. and they all ran behind me. UGH! It pushed me to run faster ….. and then I had to walk! But not until they all passed me. (=

And …. I wore compression shorts and over shorts …. and the over shorts rode up!! Irritating! Definitely why I wanted a skirt!

Now, I’ve got an awful pain in my neck.

But, I ran, I didn’t go home. And I didn’t stop and get frozen yogurt and candy!!!

3.26 miles in 48:04 …. not bad for as difficult as the run was
Average pace – 14:45
Mile 1 – 13:47
Mile 2 – 15:29
Mile 3 – 16:10
Mile 3-3.26 – 6:56

This can’t be right …….. doesn’t add up!! My Garmin should be here today or tomorrow!!! Super excited!!! Hopefully K will take time to teach me how to use it! She seems to have it under control!


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