adventures in running

>last Pathways training run!

>What a day!

KC sent a fb message to our running group asking who’d be running tonight. There should have been 4 of us running tonight, and 3 of us had pretty much decided to skip and then the 4th finally piped up. So …. then we all decided we’d run. It’s just two miles.

It was cold and misty.

So, I got to the store early so I could turn in mine and mom’s registration forms for the race Saturday. Yeah, I’m just now registering. I don’t like having to pay the extra fee to register online. So, I got our stuff and went back to my car and read on my phone for a bit.

Then I decided it was time to go into the store. I had on a short sleeve shirt and my capri running pants. When I got out of the car, I decided I needed a long sleeve shirt. We were only going 2 miles, I didn’t think I’d get too warm before we finished. So, I changed shirts in the car.

Then I was walking to the store and realized I had my “new” shoes on. Since it was misting and had rained earlier, I didn’t want to mess these shoes up. So, I changed shoes! I have my old pair of running shoes in my car in case I ever get the urge just to run!

KC, S, J and I were there. Coach T was there, too, but she can’t run with us anymore. Doctor’s orders, to keep herself and her baby safe! She said Coach J should be there to run with us.

Coach J didn’t show up, so we took off without her! We know what we’re doing at this point!! And, we ran different intervals. We should have run 12 and walked 1 but we ran 6 and walked 1 to get ready for our 10k on Saturday! I ran a little fast in the beginning. HA I ran all of it a little faster than I’m used to! KC wants to run with me on Saturday and we were seeing if I could run a 13 minute mile …. and it looks like that’s a no!

Saturday, I’m going to be a weenie and run 4 and walk 1. I think that will help me to move faster and not get worn out so quickly. I’m going to go for a 13:30 minute mile. Got my Garmin intervals set.

Speaking of my Garmin ………… I input the intervals but didn’t click “done” and so it didn’t beep!!!! HAHA Niiiice! We were at 7:30 and someone asked if it was time to stop …. I looked down and I knew I’d done something wrong!

Also, I didn’t have it set to do auto laps at every mile, but when I uploaded the info to my Garmin Training Center it said my first mile was done in 13:45.

So, my intervals and auto lap are set!! The Garmin’s ready!

I’m not really excited to wear the white program shirt ….. I didn’t ever find a big stock pot so I didn’t attempt dying it. It just isn’t flattering at all. Clings “nicely” to my fat rolls. )=

But, I’m excited to be able to do my 10k! I’M READY!!!!

So …. I went 2 miles in 27:32
Mile 1 – 13:45
Mile 2 – 13:47


3 responses

  1. KB

    >This was one time registering online was actually cheaper…. even with the fees, it was still only $19, so you would have saved a buck. :)Don't worry about the shirt – you're in good company there. Ugh.I think you're going to find your Garmin giving much more accurate split times…. 🙂

    April 22, 2011 at 7:58 am

  2. >I actually paid $17 for the race …. so I saved 2 bucks! (= If my Garmin doesn't give me more accurate split times I'm selling it on ebay! (=

    April 22, 2011 at 7:07 pm

  3. >I am so proud of you Tracy! I like to read about your running it keeps me motivated to go to the gym and workout! Thanks

    April 23, 2011 at 11:04 pm

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