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>So today was my goal race! The OSU Scrub Run 10k!!

I slept well last night! I wasn’t sure I would.

KC and I decided we’d run together. That we’d run 4 and walk 1. The goal was to run a 13:30 pace but I wasn’t able to do that.

There were 137 people running the 10k. That’s not many! Most of the people had participated in the Fleet Feet 10k training program, Pathways.

KC and I didn’t want to start at the front and be in everyone’s way, so we started pretty close to the back. It was evident early on that we’d be in the back. And that we’d be one of the last people in the race.
For the first like 2 miles there was a walker back there with us, but she pulled away.
There was a bicyclist riding behind us …. I believe there’s usually one that rides at the very end. Kind of keeping an eye on those in the back. Poor guy had to ride behind KC and I for an hour and a half!! It could have been worse, there could have been a lot of people! It could have taken longer than an hour and a half!!

The weather was perfect. It started sprinkling on us before the race started and I was worried it would rain on us. But it didn’t. The temperature was perfect. There was just a bit of a breeze. I didn’t notice it being too windy.

I wore the white program shirt …. It was not flattering at all …. But I wore it!

See … not pretty!!

KC and I did a great job of running our intervals. We probably could have run more minutes at a time, but I didn’t want to wear myself out before we finished the race!
So, the walker I mentioned earlier caught up to the walker in front of her and they walked the rest of the way together. I tried to keep an eye on them ‘cause I didn’t know the course. I certainly didn’t want to get lost. But, the course was pretty easy and when it was time to turn, there were people there waiting for us!
I realized at about mile 4 that KC and I would make it within an hour and a half, unless we slowed way down!

It was also at about mile 4 that I stepped on a rock, I felt it. And felt like I could go down …. But I didn’t! My balance really has improved through all of this. During my first No Boundaries course, I fell twice. During my second No Boundaries course, I fell once. So …. This really has been a great training session! I haven’t fallen at all!
I felt great the whole run.
We were about a 4/10 of a mile away from the finish line and Coach J came running back for us! LOL I certainly wasn’t expecting that so far away! We hit a walk interval and she wouldn’t let us walk! And she wanted us to do a 13 minute mile …… UGH!!! Well …. Looking back at my Garmin Training Center, most of our run intervals were run under 13. So ….. I need to figure out how to have the Garmin do actual pace and not average …. ‘cause it was averaging our walking in …..
Coach T would have come to get us, too …. But her doctor told her no running! But she was there at the finish line taking pictures!!!

When we were about a quarter mile away, several of our Pathways group came out to run us in. Some were from our PW3 group. Some from the PW2 group (faster running), and some from the PW4 group (walking).
Coach J’s on my right, behind her is R (she walked the 10k faster than I ran it!), KC’s in black, KB’s in the red hat, KB’s husband is the only guy, L (PW2) is behind KC
KB (left) and L (right)
SB (left), J (middle), Coach T’s husband (right)
Me stretching. SG in blue in front of me
This last picture is of the PW3 Pathways group. Some of us ran exclusively at Kings Pointe Village, some exclusively at Blue Dome, and some ran at both. Coach J is to my left. Coach T’s husband took pictures of our KPV PW3 group before the run. I’ll steal it from facebook when she uploads it!
I gotta say, I was very aware that we were the last people in the race. And it didn’t really bother me. I ran! I didn’t poop out! I didn’t have to quit. I did the entire 10k. And I did it in less than an hour and a half!!
I set my Garmin to do our intervals. And it worked!!! I also set it to auto lap every mile. And it didn’t do that. It lapped after every interval. Every run interval and every walk interval. 36 of them. REALLY? Why would I want you to time my timed intervals? I checked my Garmin again after I saw that and it’s set to “distance” and “1.00 mi” …. Why did it time my timed intervals? I realize now, that when I was reading the instructions it said it wouldn’t do auto lap with intervals. I wish I’d remembered that while we were running. I knew when we hit every mile. I could have hit the lap button. So far …………. I prefer my iphone app to this stinkin’ Garmin! At least my iphone app gave me a distance per mile. It may not have been accurate … but it gave me something!! It did what I asked of it.
I loved the Fleet Feet 10k training program, Pathways! We had wonderful coaches! Our group meshed really well! It was a small group, so I’m glad we meshed! HA

If you’re at all interested in running, check into the Fleet Feet No Boundaries (couch to 5k) program! You’ll love it!!! I couldn’t have done it on my own, but I have done very well with these programs!

I might be able to run on my own now and do fine, but in the beginning, it was knowing that the group would be there waiting for me. And after I met S and T during my first No Boundaries, I knew they’d be waiting for me. That was always enough to get me there! That and I enjoyed it! Running in 100* weather wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t bad when I was running with someone else!!

I’m very thankful that my mom started this adventure with the No Boundaries in Claremore. She’d come home after running 2 minutes at a time and tell me about it. And then 3 minutes. And so on. I figured if she could run, I could, too!!! I signed up for the next No Boundaries program in Tulsa and I’ve been running since!

If you’re reading this, you should know that my goal is to do the Disney World Half Marathon in Florida this January! I’ll still be 30! With this 10k under my belt, I am fully confident that I can do it!!!
So, this year I will complete a 5k (3.1 miles), a 10k (6.2), a quarter marathon (6.55), and a 15k (9.3). All leading up to the half marathon (13.1) in January! Could probably do the Route 66 half marathon here in Tulsa at the end of November, but I really want my first half to be somewhere really exciting, not in downtown Tulsa. There’s nothing exciting about that!!
Ran 6.28 miles in 1 hour, 28 minutes, and 4 seconds!!! I wish I had my mile splits, but I don’t ….. ’cause I used my Garmin and intervals. Anyone have any secrets I don’t know about??? It equates to a little over a 14 minute mile.

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  1. KB

    >This is a great post!! My fave of the whole bunch, no doubt about it!! AND YOU DID such A GOOD JOB!!!On the Garmin…. guess we'll just have to go run together a few times and I can show you what I like on mine and help you figure out yours!! I usually only set the training intervals when I'm running NoBo (basically when I *have* to stick to them, kwim?) – otherwise I'll just use the Lap button when I want to record a split. There are only about 5000 different settings…. **sigh**…. and everyone likes something a little different! Two runs isn't really enough!

    April 25, 2011 at 8:49 am

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