adventures in running

>and so it begins again …..

>I’ve run 2 or 3 times since I’ve been back from Africa. And I got back on May 18. So I’ve totally been a slacker! But no more! It’s time to kick myself back in gear. But it’s HOT outside! That’s really hard to get used to again!

Anyway ….. I’m running with my FF friends tomorrow, but I wanted to get a run in today. So, I went to the school here in Oologah. There’s a track, and I figured even if it wasn’t open, there was a pretty good road running through that I could run on without dogs coming at me.

Mom got bit on the hiney last weekend running around the 1 mile square block around our house. So that’s not really a good option for running. And there’s a nice new neighborhood next to us with wonderful paved roads. But there are at least 6 dogs from 2 neighboring houses that are allowed to chase after passersby. I had that happen last week. So that’s not a good option for running. So … I DROVE somewhere to run. What a waste of gas money!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the school. I did my student teaching there and taught my first year there. Really some great memories come flooding back when I drive onto the campus. But … some disappointing thoughts, too ….. That’s not running related so we’ll move on!

They’re adding on like crazy and the concrete in front of the football stadium/track was torn up. So I wasn’t sure I could get in, and if I could, where. So I parked in the Lower Elementary parking lot, at one end of campus, by the administration building. Where there were a lot of cars. I didn’t want to freak anyone out by having my car there, so I drove on, looking for a way to get to the track, and then noticed that there were people at the track, just sitting. Not even using it like it should be …. what a pain! So, I parked away from the admin building and took off running. I wore my garmin and my phone. My phone more for safety and music. I could have taken my ipod shuffle for music, but I thought it would be best to have my phone. I finally wore a new shirt I bought a few months ago, with a pocket in the back for my ipod. I took a few steps at home with my phone in the pocket and it seemed to do great. No bouncing. But when I took off at the school, it bounced every step. So I took it out quickly! I ran with it in my hands for a few minutes and didn’t care for that either. So then I put it in my “front pocket.” You know …. And that worked wonderfully!

So, I ran from where I parked around to the track and saw where I could get in, and saw those people. Still just sitting. I didn’t want to cause trouble, so I ran back where I’d come from and just ran up the road. Until I saw them leave. I ran twice around the track. What a wonderful experience! I wish I could always run on a track. So cushy and springy! Much easier on my bones! Or at least I think it is!

All in all, I did 2 miles. I walked more than I ran, but I was moving. I also wore a new hat for the 2nd time. It’s Under Armour. Those of you that run with me should know that almost everything I wear is Under Armour. I LOVE the way their stuff feels and fits! Well, my original white hat has a short bill and looks just a little silly I think.

So, I went looking for a white hat just like it with a longer bill. And of course I couldn’t find one just like it. I found one that’s made for softball. It’s shiny where my original hat is dull (which I prefer) and the most disturbing feature is that it buckles in the back. Think plastic buckle on an umbrella stroller. Which wouldn’t be too big of a problem except when I pull my pony tail through the hole, it comes unsnapped!! UGH!!! Academy will be getting this hat back and I’ll stick with my short billed one that stays closed and on!!
Anyway … tonight’s run – 2 miles in 30 minutes at a pace of 14:51.
Not sure I’m ready for 8 and 1 for 5 miles tomorrow … but I’ll be with my FF friends so I’ll do my best! K …. WE NEED YOU!!!

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