adventures in running

>my run in Africa

>I want to share a picture of me after the only time I ran while I was in Africa.

Pretty, huh?? I wore a skirt over my running capris to stay within their cultural boundaries! Women ALWAYS wear skirts or dresses. ALWAYS. And let me tell you …. they do not let air flow through very well!!

2 miles in 30 minutes, at a pace of 14:41. 3500 feet above sea level. ROUGH RUN! I ran the entire first mile at a 13:38 pace. Annnnnd walked the entire second mile!!

Soooo …. the guy in the picture was the team leader. He’s run a few marathons but prefers half marathons. He runs way faster than I do. That’s the reason for the 13:38 first mile. After the first mile, he went on, and I turned back. He said he’d never seen anyone else out there where we ran, so I should be fine by myself. HA I saw 5 or 6 people and heard several others. He said it would be easy to find my way back, to turn left where the rock road went straight up. ‘Cept there were people at the base of the rock road so I didn’t go all the way to the base ….. but they helped me find my path! And then they wanted me to stop and sit with them. I said no thanks and kept going! And then one guy came running up behind me (remember I’m just walking this second mile) and started talking to me. I continued walking and told him I only spoke English. I picked up my pace!!! And he turned around. Once I got to the top, where I was supposed to wait for my friend, I kept going, so that I looked like I was headed somewhere, not just sitting at the top of the hill waiting …. ya know? But he came back pretty quickly! LOL He said afffffterwards that he probably shouldn’t have left me. Oh well.

Ohh and one more random fun fact …. the floor in the house I stayed in was concrete. I sat down on the floor to cool off ….. and left a butt print. Good thing it dried up! That would be an embarassing mark to leave for future generations to see ……


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