adventures in running

>you want to go how far??

>So …. J came back from Chicago and called us all slackers …. and bailed on us for our run! SB had to work late at an emergency meeting (because of an emergency!) and SG I think forgot we were meeting early. I’m not sure why J didn’t come …. but I’m calling her a SLACKER anyway!

We usually meet to run at 6, but Fleet Feet was having an information meeting for their Marathon/Half Marathon Training at 7, so we wanted to be done running in time for the meeting. So, we were going to meet at 5:30.

I just work pretty much across the street from Fleet Feet, so I was early! And so I read on my iPhone Kindle app while I waited. I got a text from SB saying that she and Janae weren’t coming. At 5:30 I called SG and she had forgotten we were meeting early and wasn’t going to be able to make it. And then I saw KC. I was hoping everyone would back out so I wouldn’t have to run. But ….. KC was there. And she wanted to run.

So we ran down Urbana to 55th, up to the light and crossed over to LaFortune. Looking back at my Garmin Training Center, we were going slow! Too slow! BUT we were moving. And that’s better than sitting on our couches doing nothing!

It was overcast and there was a breeze. Towards the end, it was lightning in the distance. While it was overcase and there was a breeze, it was still pretty warm out!!

We ran intervals of 6 and 1. There were a few times we walked when we should have been running. There was one run interval at about mile 2 that we walked the whole time. Still, we were moving! At about mile 3 I was ready to be done. We could cross Yale and walk to the front of the store and be at about 3.5 miles. KC wanted to go back the way we came. Said we could walk the rest of the way if we needed to. So, I think we ran a few more intervals and then we walked the rest of the way. We were walking around a 20 minute mile, but …. WE WERE MOVING. Get my drift? I don’t care what our speed was, we were moving!

Just after we decided to go back the way we came, we passed two women walking really slow. One woman was significantly overweight and probably couldn’t have walked any faster. KC and I said that type of thing is motivation for her. She says she runs because she can. Because others can’t. Funny, isn’t it? A few days ago I changed the header of my blog because I completed my 5k, and I completed my 10k. My header is now iRun because iCan. There are so many people that can’t run, for a variety of reasons. Diseases, illnesses, paralysis, weight. I should run because I can. I should choose to run when I have the opportunity, because I can.

So, I did 4.38 in an hour and 17 minutes at an average pace of 17:37.


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