adventures in running

>time to get serious

>So …. I have 199 days until my half marathon. Plenty of time to train. But only if I get started. I am sooo good at making excuses, it’s ridiculous!! But I really want to do the Disney World Half Marathon and so it’s time to get serious!

I don’t think it will be easy. All my other training has been with Fleet Feet. I’d really like to train with Fleet Feet to do my half marathon, but I just don’t think it’s right for me. Here’s why ….

  • The previous programs (No Boundaries and Pathways) had two weeknight runs and then an optional Saturday run. While Saturday runs were necessary, you didn’t have to do them with Fleet Feet. However, for the marathon and half marathon training, Saturday is really the only day they run with all the groups. There are people that meet on weeknights, but it’s not all the groups.
  • The Saturday runs start at 6:30. START at 6:30. So I have to leave my house before 6. So I have to be up before 6. On Saturdays. I don’t even want to do that on race days, but that’s about the only time I’ll do that.

I believe Fleet Feet is an amazing resource for runners! For beginners who don’t think they can run all the way up to those who’ve run countless marathons. I wish the half marathon training program included organized weeknight runs. I wouldn’t hesitate to join their half marathon trianing program if they had organized weeknight runs. You can’t do Saturday runs if you don’t do your weekday runs.

While I know I will miss out on very good advice and instruction from people who have run marathons and half marathons, I think at this point, it’s best for me to train closer to home. And not so early on Saturdays. I still have time to change my mind if this doesn’t go well, but I believe it’ll teach me to be able to run on my own. To be able to run the half marathon without anyone running next to me.

I ran with my headphones and ipod shuffle today. I LOVE RUNNING WITH MY SHUFFLE!! It’s way lighter than my phone! (I’m not surprised, it’s just a statement.) I clipped it on my collar and tucked my headphone cord down the front of my shirt and didn’t ever feel them. I’m not a loud music person anyway, so I could hear my Garmin beeping at me to walk or run. (Although I ignored it occasionally … ) Definitely looking forward to running with it again.

I had some pains today. My calves were pretty tight. I didn’t feel it until the second run interval, and then it was just obnoxious. I also had a pain in my side. Either from improper breathing (which is possible) or inadequate hydration, either too much or too little (which is possible – on the too little side). BUT the goal was to do 2 miles and we did. Now that I’m back home, my left knee also hurts and so does my left ankle. I don’t think they hurt while I was running so I’m not sure what’s wrong with them. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart. But that can’t be. I’m only 30!! I wonder if my other pains – the calves and the side – were because I was trying to push myself while running, to run faster.

It was about 10 degrees cooler than it has been, but it was still pretty warm for a run!

So …. I went 2.27 miles in 35 minutes. My average pace was 15:25. Which isn’t bad. Not great, but not a bad start!

Oohhhh and I’m CHOPPING my hair off tomorrow. Losing around 10 inches … hoping to be able to donate to Locks of Love …. not sure they’d want my hair, though. Anyway …… so I haven’t run with short hair before. I’ve always worn a hat to soak up my sweat and keep the hair and sweat out of my face and the sun off my face….. Hopefully the hat still works like I need it too!


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