adventures in running

>first run with short hair

>So … I’ve wanted to cut my hair for more than 2 months. I’ve waited …. I wanted to be able to put it in a pony tail or french braid it while I was in Africa. I also wanted to make sure I was really ready to cut my hair. I wasn’t sure how it would affect my running. I wear a hat to keep the sweat and hair out of my face, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to wear one with my short hair. But, I did. I tucked it all up under my hat and didn’t feel any different than having it in a pony tail. Except that the pony tail didn’t bob up and down. (= However …. when I was done, my hair was sweaty and plastered to my head …. not pretty! Definitely have to wear a hat after running if I’m going somewhere after.

So … we ran tonight instead of tomorrow because tomorrrow I have Thursday School class (my Sunday School class that meets on Thursday nights.) It was a little warmer than yesterday.

I purposely ran slower than I did yesterday in hopes of being able to run more of my run intervals. And that worked. I also focused more on my breathing, and only felt the pain in my side twice.

Today we should have gone 3 miles. Mom did, I didn’t make it to 3.

I went 2.69 miles in 44 minutes.
Mile 1 – 15:36
Mile 2 – 31:40

I had my Garmin set to intervals, but watched it as I closed in on the mile marks. Not a great speed, but moving, and being on my feet, and training. Definitely training.

The good things about running at the school are that there are very few cars and there’s plenty of paved road. The bad things are that we have to drive to get there and we drive to get home …. but can stop and get food before we go home …. Tonight we went to the Jalapeño Grill in Collinsville. Definitely ate more calories at dinner than I burned running ….. One of these days I’ll get it all figured out. Until then, I’ll just enjoy eating!


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