adventures in running

>11 am is NOT a good time to run

>I thought 11am would be better than 5 pm. Not so sure. It was HOT. It could be because it was 11 am, but it could be because I ran on the BLACK track at Oologah Schools. HOT run!

I thought I’d do 3 miles, but it was too hot!

When I got there, I noticed people on the track in one area, and just a few people on the track, so I was hesitant to go, but I wanted to run on the track, so I went in, and walked around to where they were, and asked if it was okay. They said they were done, that they had done a triathlon. They were young girls, maybe high school. And there weren’t many of them, and no spectators, so I’m not sure exactly what was going on. But they didn’t need the track, so I kept going!

I ran intervals of close to 6 and 1. One of these days, when I condition myself again, I’ll up my running, but right now, 6 is difficult. And, I’m tryng to work on speeding up, so I’m content to do 6 and 1.

At mile 1.5 I decided I was going to leave the track, on the opposite side from where I parked, and run around to my car. I believe it was cooler on the pavement, but I was still pretty warm, so I make no promises.

I also decided at that point, that I’d stop at 2 miles, hoping it was close to my car. And it was super close.

So, 2 miles in 30 minutes, average 15 minute mile


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