adventures in running

>3 miles today

>I was worried about running today. I believe I got stung on the bottom of my foot by something Sunday night. Really, it’s a funny story, and has nothing to do with running, but I’ll share anyway …..

We have two miniature donkeys and a pygme goat. Inside a chain link fence on 3 sides and barbed wire and small square wire on the 4th. And a hook in the hole on the gate latch so they can’t get out. But the goat has uprooted the bottom of the fence in several areas so she can get out and graze when she wants. Well, last week one of the donkeys figured out how to get out. Not back in …. but she liked getting out. So my stepdad fixed 2 of the 3 sides of chain link fence. Not sure why he didn’t check the 3rd side …… Anyway, Sunday night I’m doing my mom’s and my toes. It’s 10pm and we’re allllmost done. Stepdad comes in, mom sent him to see if the donkey was out. And she was. But he didn’t come back in and tell us, he thought he’d get her back in. But she doesn’t know him. He doesn’t know how they think and react to things. So …. he proped the gate open and the other donkey and the goat escaped. Yeah, hard to believe, but they did!

Anyway, it’s DARK, and the donkeys are brown! Mom and I take off to find them. We have 6 acres, and the neighbors around us have at least that. They were at least 2 yards away. The good news is, they stick together. But every time we got close, even with treats, they’d freak out. Eventually, when they’d really worn themselves out, mom called the goat, and shook the treat bucket and the goat came running. She is a treat hound!!! The donkeys are, too, and so they came after they saw the goat getting treats. We were able to hook the donkeys (never can hook the goat, she just goes where the donkeys go) and led them back to their pen.

All this, and I was barefoot. Didn’t realize anything happened until Monday afternoon at work. I had socks and tennis shoes on. (Sometimes I need to wear shoes) and I had to take the shoe off and roll the sock to my toes and itched my foot like crazy. Then realized I had a bump. And a stick or something. At first I thought it might be a splinter, but now I believe I got stung by something.

So I was worried tonight that I wouldn’t be able to run because of this. It hurt occasionally at work, but I suited up, and said I’d give it a shot. And it never really hurt while I was running. Sooo glad!
We went up to the school again. Really, it stinks to have to drive to run, but it’s much better than being chased or bitten by dogs! I’ll be glad when they’re done with construction and there isn’t dirt caked on the roads, but hey, it’s still better than the dog situation. Or so I thought. The main road running through the campus comes in off highway 169 and ends on another road. Well, between the edge of campus and that other road, there’s one house. As I was running down that road tonight, a dog started barking at me!! UGH!! I thought! I’M RUNNING HERE TO GET AWAY FROM DOGS!!! There was a tiny tiny dog and a schnauzer. The schnauzer was the one barking, but he didn’t leave the porch! Whew!
I ran intervals of 4 and 1. During the first mile, I pushed myself to run faster the last 30 seconds of each run interval, trying to get faster. But, I did not do that on the other 2 miles! It was all I could do to run until my Garmin beeped at me! I did walk occasionally during some run intervals, but really not as much as I have been! Some of my running was at a 16:30 pace. Now, some might not even consider that running, but I wasn’t walking, so I do consider it running!!
It wasn’t as hot as it has been, a storm rolled through this morning and cooled things down just a little. It was still hot! Don’t get me wrong. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been (or has been!)!
I also didn’t have a problem with my breathing and no pains anywhere. Well, my calves were tight during the first mile, but they really did loosen up. 

Glad I was able to run. Ran with music. And by myself. Mom was around, but she didn’t run with me. So, I’m learning to run by myself. Which is a really good thing! Pretty sure I’ll be running my half marathon by myself, so that’s how I want to train. Mom will be running it, too, but she’s just faster than I am!

3 miles in 48 minutes
Mile 1 – 15:10
Mile 2 – 16:12
Mile 3 – 16:28

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