adventures in running

2 miles – all i had

I wanted to run tonight because I have Thursday School tomorrow ….

My mom had something she needed to do this evening, so we decided we’d stick with 2 miles. And it’s a good thing! I was ready to be done at one mile!

My legs were tight from the run yesterday. It was hotter than yesterday. There wasn’t much of a breeze. I could come up with more excuses, but it just wasn’t a good run. But I was out and moving, so I don’t feel bad about it!!

They’re doing lots of construction at the Oologah schools and it’s neat to see what’s being done when we run!

2.09 miles in 33:40 | Mile 1 – 15:40, Mile 2 16:30

We had dinner at Philly’s Cheesesteak Co in Collinsville afterwards. We split the cheesesteak and friends and it was pretty good. We asked if they had sweet tea and the guy said yes. And they did …. the machine had a place where you pick sweet tea or unsweet tea and then it dispenses it ….. but it was definitely a boxed tea and not a fresh brewed tea. )= Soooo not what we were wanting! So many restaurants around here don’t have sweet tea, just unsweet and you have to sweeten it yourself. That’s not the same!! So, now I need to create a tea urn that has a sweet and unsweet option where if you choose sweet tea, a simple syrup mixes with your fresh brewed tea! Now that I would love!! And it would save restaurants from having to have two tea urns. And it would probably get them more money. If I want sweet tea and they don’t have it, I get water. Totally off the subject, but it’s my blog! (=


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