adventures in running

Firecracker 5k 7.4.11

First race since the OSU Scrub Run 10k on April 23.

I have been running lately, so I wasn’t too worried. I knew I’d be able to finish, I just wasn’t sure how fast I’d be able to go.

I started pretty close to the front with KB, Mom, and some of their Rogers County No Boundaries (RoCo NoBo) peeps. As soon as we took off, KB ran off without me. No surprise there. (= But it took a while for Mom to catch up to me. Several minutes.

I turned my Garmin on when I got out of the car. We went inside Fleet Feet to use the restroom. While in line, my Garmin asked if I was inside, and so I said yes. I didn’t realize it would mess me up!

I hit start as I crossed the start line, and it just started the timer, not the pace or distance. UGH! So, I stopped it, and went through and set my intervals, hoping that would make it work. And it didn’t. So I turned my Garmin off and back on … and it took what seemed like forever for it to locate a satellite. Probably because I was running. Yeah, I ran the whole time I was messing with my Garmin. Mom caught up to me just after my Garmin kicked on and started recording my data properly! I figured out at the end of the race, I ran 4/10 of a mile before I got my Garmin working right.

I’m thinking maybe I should just go back to using my phone. It isn’t nearly as complicated as the Garmin, and works when you push start! UGH!!

I’m glad I’ve been learning to run by myself because I did that for the first half of the race. I love listening to my songs as I run! I love using my shuffle on the collar of my shirt so I can skip the song if I decide I don’t want to listen to it. JB caught up with me just past the turn-around point and we ran and walked together! She runs faster than I do, so I was pushing myself!

We were close to the finish line and JB’s husband was on a walking bridge over the road, he caught us walking. woops!

Then KB came back to get us. Mom was at the finish line with her phone. And instead of having it set to camera, it was set to record. So, she recorded the 3 of us crossing the finish line. LOL I’ll post that here if I can. I’ll also post pictures taken by Lori at Fleet Feet after they post them.

I have slept most of the day. I woke up with a headache this morning. It didn’t bother me while I was running. I slept all the way home though, very thankful that Mom drove so I could sleep. (= And took two naps. And could go to sleep now.

A few things I forgot to mention ….

I was passed by strollers. That started after the regular runners. The first 3 were pushed by men so I didn’t feel so bad. Then I got passed by 4 strollers pushed by women ….. UGH! I’m slow!!!

Also …. I ran behind a woman running in the wrong shorts. She was wearing regular running shorts, or some type of baggy athletic shorts. Without compression shorts or sliders or anything. Her inner thighs were rubbing together! Pooooor lady! I felt bad. I KNOW I have to wear something to prevent rubbing! Even under dresses and skirts! (they actually serve two purposes – to keep my thighs from rubbing together, and to cover myself if I accidentally fall …. it could happen!!)

And …. now there are some pictures up …. here are the ones that are important to me.

Concentrating soooo hard! Almost to the finish line!!

(left to right) lady I don’t know, me, Janae, man I don’t know (in red), Kenna


Still, there’s a video of Janae, Kenna, and myself crossing the finish line. I’ll try to snatch that from Mom’s phone soon.

Here it is –


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