adventures in running

8 pm run

So it’s hot outside. Like, 100° hot. With a heat index higher than that. Mom wanted to run when I got home this evening and I wasn’t ready for that! I wanted to wait.

At about 7:30, She had decided she wasn’t going to run. But, when 8:00 hit, we both got up, got changed, and we headed out the door. To the car to drive to the school so we can run dog free.

Mom started a few minutes before I did, because I was waiting for my Garmin to locate it’s satellite. She must have been doing that while I was driving. She had a hard time getting started. I’m not sure she ever really got settled into a routine.

I did pretty well, though. Changed my Garmin to just autolap at each mile instead of keep track of intervals. But I ran intervals of 4 and walked 1 for the most part.

It was hot. The sun was almost hidden so there was shade everywhere, but there was very little breeze at all. At the end, I was sweating like crazy!! Had it dripping down my face and that very rarely happens.

Felt pretty good! No pains. I was worried because I did the Firecracker 5k yesterday, and pushed myself. But nothing hurt, nothing was tight. It was a pretty good run!

2.01 miles in 30:53 | Mile 1 – 15:18, Mile 2 – 15:30


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