adventures in running

4.5 at Claremore Lake

Mom had an information meeting about No Boundaries in Rogers County she needed to attend. She’s a coach. So I went with her so we could run after. We started running around 7:45 and finished around 9pm. That’s a little late! But, it wasn’t sweltering hot. Just hot.

The only thing I’m better at than my mom when it comes to running is starting. She’s several years older than me, ya know. And it takes her a bit to get everything moving properly. Today, I ran the first mile at pretty fast intervals, run 2 walk 1. Trying to work on speed. She didn’t catch me until 0.85. After that, I couldn’t keep up with her. (=

It’s pretty neat to run around the lake. I’ve done one 5k there, and it was tooooo cold to pay attention to my surroundings, but it really is a nice place to run. And at 7:45 in the evening, most of the paths were in the shade!

They’ve also just finished a new path that goes all the way to Sioux. So we ran the new path and up Sioux to Blue Starr and back to the lake.

The goal was to go 4 miles. We went a little further!

It really wasn’t a bad run. I walked more than I ran, but not by a whole lot. I let my head get in the way, though. My body wasn’t really complaining, I just wanted to walk.

I feel good! Glad I ran! Wish it were a little cooler and that the leaves on the trees were blowing!

Wore my skirt. It rode up in the back. Not exactly sure why, but it may have something to do with it being a little tight over my hiney. But my friend KB is perfecting a running skirt, hopefully she’ll sell me one that fits over my hiney nicely. (=

4:53 miles in an hour and 14 minutes | Mile 1 – 14:57; Mile 2 – 16:15; Mile 3 – 17:48; Mile 4 – 15:32


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