adventures in running

4 miles in the dark

Soooo ….. today was a busy day! Mom had things to do in Tulsa. I met her in Tulsa this afternoon and we went to An Affair of the Heart. All things crafty. Except scrapbooking stuff …. There was definitely a lack of scrapbooking stuff. Anyway, crazy! Crazy amounts of stuff! They closed at 6 and we got there just before 5. But the good news is, we can go back tomorrow and not have to pay an additional entry fee! We walked around there for an hour. Wore ourselves out.

Came back to Owasso and ran a few more errands. Had dinner at Ron’s Hamburgers just before they closed. Seems to be the theme today!

Got home and decided around 9:15 that we’d go walking in the dark. Yeah, the dark. 9:15 pm. Not our brightest idea. But ,we didn’t want to drive anywhere ….. So we change and headout!

The goal was just to walk it. We’d just spit a sausage cheeseburger and spanish fries …. it did NOT sound wise to run! I burped many times as it was!

We decided we’d just go up the main street and then turn around and go back home. Easiest route possible.

We both have lights. Mine is a clip on that I clip on the collar of my shirt on my shoulder and point at the ground so I can see where I’m walking. And hopefully the people around us can see me. Mom has one that’s like a headlamp plumbers and other people who get in really dark spots for work use. But she wears it around her waist. We don’t have any reflective stuff. Some of the tech clothes have reflective writing, but we don’t have anything that’s specifically for reflecting light. We need to get some.

People drive too fast on this road. This is not new information, but you may not know it. Even in the dark. Even when animals accidentally get run over on this road …. They still go too fast! And I don’t think everyone realizes you’re supposed to get over for walkers. But, I also don’t think they realized we were walkers until they got pretty close to us. I really wish I could have seen us from a car!! LOL

So around 1.6 miles Mom asked how far we were going. I said how about 4? She said 4 sounds good. So, at 2, we turned around. I went faster the last two miles than the first two. Truly how it should be. You’re not supposed to wear yourself out in the first miles. HA But, I believe I was just ready to be done and home! So, I was MOVING!

We were headed back. Probably close to the start of mile 3 and we heard something running at us. Sounded immediately like horse hooves. I was a little worried, looked over to see if I could see it. Pointed my light that direction. The sad thing is, the light didn’t work well that far away. But, I saw the horse, and saw him stop. LOL I was sure he would, but still a little worried that he may not ….. It would be pitiful to get trampled by a horse while out for a walk in the dark….. He stopped. We kept going. Then heard him running again. Still just a little scary!

Earlier in the day, I bought two new Under Armour fitted shirts. Not pretty on ….. but hopefully one day they will be. I wore my favorite of the two with my UA compression shorts….. and the shirt rode up the entire time. Not ever past the top of my shorts, but that could just be because I kept yanking it down! It’s really pretty long so I think that’s part of it, but both the shirt and shorts are slick so I think that’s a majority of the problem. So I may have to wear something other than my compression shorts with the shirt. I’ll probably have to wear shorts over the compression shorts …. though that disappoints me. Maybe my friend KB can make me a skirt out of non-slick tech fabric? We’ll see.

We finished our run at 10:30. And I really didn’t have a problem going to sleep like I thought I would. HA I was worn out!!

Check out my walking times!!!

4.09 miles in 1:07:32 | Mile 1 – 16:49, Mile 2 – 16:38, Mile 3 – 16:15, Mile 4 16:17


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