adventures in running

3 in the heat

Yeah, I’m crazy enough to run in the heat. Mom didn’t want to wait until it got dark. I didn’t really, either. ‘Cause I’d be running now instead of getting ready for sleep!

My friend KB made a running skirt. YES, MADE IT! She made it longer than the pattern because I said I wanted one that was longer than my other one. She thought it was too long, and that it rode up on her. She made one a few inches shorter and didn’t think it rode up as much. So, today I tried out the longer skirt! Here’s a picture!

LOL Not my choice of pattern, but the skirt was wonderful! WONDERFUL! Didn’t ride up a bit! My shirt stayed where it was supposed to be, too! LOVE THE SKIRT KB!!! How much are you going to charge for them? I want more!! Shorter is probably fine, but longer is okay, too! (=

The run was rough! It was hot! 102* said a bank sign. Tried to run a minute walk a minute. Walked at least as much as I ran. But I was moving.

Tried to find shade wherever I could and run in that area ….. but there just wasn’t much shade yet. The sun was intense!

At the end, back at the car, I ran .2 mile in a small shaded area to hit the 3 mile mark. And I wasn’t moving very fast!

And here’s something fun – I bought a smallish tote box to keep my running stuff all together in my car, like my light, arm band for my phone, water bottle, frogg togg, hat, ya know, the stuff I need for running. But, since I’m not running at Fleet Feet now, I’m running from home, or driving to the school. But still need all my stuff in one place. I was content with my box until Mom came home with a really cute one. So … I had to have one, too …. check it out ….


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