adventures in running

2 awful miles

Before I tell about my run for the day ….. here’s a bit of a funny story.

I’ve had these camo capris for years. I can’t even tell you how many years. But they are sooooo comfortable. They still fit well! My favorite capris!! I wore them to work today. I bent down to move some stuff this afternoon in the work room and heard a “riiiip” UGH!! Went to the bathroom and sure enough, there was a nice rip. Went back to the work room because there were lots of people gathered in the office. I was looking for a stapler … and of course, couldn’t find one. Just then a co-worker came in and I asked her for a favor! I asked her to go get my stapler. Told her what happened. She laughed. And then brought me my stapler. I went back to the bathroom and stapled the rip closed as best as I could. Then I went and told my boss, who laughed, but when I asked if I could go home, she said yes. LOL Good thing, too, those staples barely held until I got home!! Funny and sad all at the same time! MY FAVORITE CAPRIS!!!!

Now …… on to my run ….

It wasn’t stifling hot outside when I went to lunch, and the weather app on my phone said it was 90 in Oologah. I figured that would be a lot cooler than it has been lately, so I was determined to run.

We went to the school to run, I definitely think it’s safer! I was aware just as soon as I took off that it didn’t seem any cooler than it has been. But, I was moving. And sweating. Looking back, I think we’re getting ready to get a storm, and so the air was full of humidity!

Right off, my calves were tight. And they were tight the whole time.

Mom and I usually stay within visual distance. We can usually always see the other person. But for some reason, some how, I lost sight of her at the opposite end of the school than where we park. Usually we make circles, there’s not a lot of road to run. So, I headed back the direction we  had come, to see if I could find her. I didn’t see her until I was almost back at the car! LOL At that point, I think I was at 1.6 or 1.7 and I decided 2 was all I was doing today! And I walked it from there.

Not a fantastic time. And not a great distance. But I was moving. And not sitting on my bum watching tv and eating ice cream. Which I could have been doing!!!

Another side note – a coupon site I use regularly posted about free ID tags, a set of 7 I think. Free tags and free shipping. Several different sizes – one for your wallet, one to put around the handle bars of your bike, 2 for your shoes, 1 for your keychain, and 2 for luggage. I’ve been wanting a Road ID tag but I wasn’t ready to pay for it yet ….. and so I signed up for this deal. And it was all free, and it has a place to enter all your immunizations and medical insurance info for emergency personnel to access.

They came today and they look pretty good. I put one on one of my shoes before the run …. had to unlace it all the way to the top.

Sooooo …. for now, if something were to happen to me while running alone, and the emergency personnel knew to look for some type of identification, I might be okay ……. no promises, though!

Aaaaannnnnd …. you can get a free set too, until August 15. Just go here!

2 miles | Mile 1 – 16:55, Mile 2 – 17:26


2 responses

  1. who else

    Hey… you quit running or what?? It’s been 2 weeks since you’ve updated!

    August 12, 2011 at 8:37 pm

  2. HAHAHA No ….. I haven’t quit, I just haven’t run any in the last 2 weeks. Toooo stinkin’ hot!!! I’m ready to get back to it, though! I’m planning to do the Hustle for Hunger Labor Day weekend so I’ve gotta get back to it. (= It’s hard to stay motivated without a group waiting for you.

    August 13, 2011 at 1:06 am

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