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Bedlam Run 10k!

Only ran once this week – Monday. I wanted to go on Wednesday, but Mom wasn’t feeling well. And I didn’t really want to go by myself. But, she’s coaching No Boundaries in Rogers County on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so she still got some movement in, not a lot, but more than me.

I should have rested last night, instead, I started cleaning my bathroom. Then Mom and I went to Cherry Berry. Before I knew it, it was 10pm and I hadn’t gotten my stuff together yet. woops!! And, I’d been on my feet a lot, so my ankles were swollen. I call ’em fat feet. I got my running stuff together and then went to sleep. Was only a little nervous about the race because I had only run once this week but it didn’t bother my sleep!!

Wore orange for sure!!! But I also wore funky blue/black skirt that KB made and gave to me ’cause it’s too long! (= Didn’t match but I didn’t care!!!

Garmin worked well this time. (Last race, when I was inside, in line to use the real toilet, it asked if I was inside. I said yes. It didn’t recalculate when I was outside and so when I started the race, my Garmin just kept track of my time, not distance.)

Ran by myself. Could have probably done better if someone had run with me.

Walked a lot. A LOT. But I don’t mind!! I was moving!

I did my after run stretches this morning before we left and I didn’t have any tightness. Everything felt pretty good. The bottom of my feet started hurting after a few miles. And didn’t stop. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’ve been wearing flip flops all the time?

Some friends caught up to me and we stayed in the same general area for a while and then they took off. Proud of you AE for completing the 5k!!

This was a looped course, meaning that the 10k was the 5k twice. If you were doing the 10k, you had to RUN PAST the finish line and do it all again. This was only my second 10k. The first wasn’t a looped course. And I’m glad. I dislike the looped course. Not only do you have to run past the finish line, runners from the front of the pack catch up to you and then run past you. The first guy (the winner of the race) ran past me before I even finished the first 5k loop. NOT COOL!!! Not a good feeling! Also got lapped by a friend from high school! She was cruising!!

Mom finished 15 minutes faster than me. Also not cool. She does run faster than I do. I know that. But 15 minutes! GOOD GRAVY!!

I will be working on speed now. /=

KB and LS were waiting for me at a water stop, in the shade, to run in with me. RD caught up with us at the wonderful bridge/hill! I would like to say that I ran up that hill all 4 times I came to it. Ran up the hill and walked down it.

There were 2 walkers in front of me and 4 behind me. The people behind me had run a few times since they caught up to me. So when the finish line was in sight, I was waiting for them to start running. When they did, I did, too. If I could help it, I wasn’t going to be dead last! (= So, not only did I not let those 4 pass me, I passed the 2 walkers in front of me. KB ran all the way thru the finish line with me. Both of us wearing skirts she’d made! Mom took a video of it. Love the pattern of her skirt. And I think I like that length better.

Check out the video (mom took on her iphone)

Garmin info: average was 15:42 | 6.29 in 1:38:48 (I forgot to stop it when I crossed the finish line) | Mile 1 – 14:53 | Mile 2 – 15:41 | Mile 3 – 16:07 | Mile 4 – 15:36 | Mile 5 – 15:53 | Mile 6 – 16:15 | Mile 6-6.29 – 4:20 (14:51 pace)

Official info: Gun time – 1:39:06 | Chip time – 1:38:23 | First 5k – 48:32 | Second 5k 49:52

My first 10k was better by about 10 minutes. But, I had been training for a 10k and it wasn’t quite this hot!!

Other stuff that I forgot –

  • At around mile 4 or 5 my hands started swelling. The fingers on my right hand got huge and went numb! Such a weird feeling!
  • Ate Jelly Belly Sport Beans (I usually eat them during runs) …. that could have been part of the problem with my hands.
  • The friend from high school finished her 10k in a minute or two faster than I finished the first 5k.

Pictures!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Lori at Fleet Feet for taking pictures during the races! I LOVE having these pictures as a record of my run!

Running in the skirt KB made! She’s wearing one she made, too! LOVE THEM!!!



Wearing Under Armour charged cotton ….. definitely showing more sweat than my Under Armour tech shirt with no cotton.


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  1. who else

    We had good intentions to run all the way out to pick you up…. but then we decided it was better to stand in the shade and wait for you. 🙂 We’ll work on the skirts!

    July 30, 2011 at 11:10 pm

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