adventures in running

Saturday run downtown

I didn’t join the half marathon training program for a few reasons. The main one being they only had organized runs on Saturday. At 6:30 am. I don’t like to be up that early, I certainly don’t want to be up, hydrated, fueled, dressed, and in Tulsa to run by 6:30 on my only day to sleep in.

And since I don’t really have a Pathways group yet – I joined on Tuesday, ran on Wednesday with just the coach, who told me he was doing half marathon or marathon training so he wouldn’t be there to coach Pathways – I was reluctant to go this morning.

But I did, because my friend KB wanted me to eat breakfast with them afterwards so we could discuss the skirts she’s making. That didn’t happen. Mom had yoga and so we had to rush off before breakfast. )= Oh well. I know where KB lives. (= But I’m looking forward to having a few more skirts. (=

So ….. we’re all gathered outside. The leader says there’s going to be two groups. The first group will run around a 10/11 minute mile with no intervals, just running. The second group will be everyone else. They’ll run about a 12:30/13 minute mile and do intervals. There was no mention of a walking group. They said they’d circle around to get everyone, but I don’t want to hold anyone up or make them run more than they’d intended because I run so slow.

I signed in, so I got my attendance/graduation credit. (Another reason I went today! I started late, I need all the points I can get. Just hope the graduation present isn’t another sack pack.) But Mom and I decided we’d run on our own. There was another lady, who I’d done a No Boundaries class with when I first started, looking for the walkers. I told her what they said the groups would be and that we were going to do it on our own. So she joined us. She’s usually faster than me, but she’s had shin splints and is just getting back into running after 3 weeks off.

So, I did intervals of 6 and 1. I think it should have been 7 and 1, but I was comfortable with 6 and 1, a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to run all the intervals. But I did okay!  My running pace was a little slow sometimes, but I’m really okay with that, for now. I was running! My first real interval run running more than 2 minutes at a time in quite a while. The heat just zapped me this summer!

And because I had my Garmin set to do intervals, it didn’t get my mile splits. But said my average was 16:15. The pace for the PW4 (walking) group was supposed to be a 16 minute mile today, so I don’t think I did too bad. Far from where I want to be, but also far from still being in bed! (=

The schedule said we should have done 3 today, the coach said we would do 3.5, but I believe they ended up going almost 4.5. Not even a little bit disappointed that I didn’t go with them! I was happy with my 3!

Now, I’ve eaten breakfast, showered, and I’m ready for a nap!!

3.09 miles in 50:10


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