adventures in running

202 recorded miles!!

While today was just a rough day all around (I have been super-sensitive about things all day. Things that shouldn’t bother me, really got to me), I hit the 200 recorded miles mark! That’s a pretty big accomplishment in my book! My only regret is not knowing I could record my runs earlier!!! I blogged almost every run, if I wanted to take the time, I bet I could enter all that info on ….. We’ll see!

Today was a rough day, as I mentioned. I has a soda at breakfast. Don’t judge me. I like soda for breakfast! I didn’t hydrate well. I didn’t really fuel my body well either.

I wasn’t motivated to run. Really, I wanted to just go home and not go run. But, I knew my attitude needed the run. I knew I needed the attendance points (I’m not sure I’m going to have enough for the graduation present this time …. a first for me.) I didn’t even set my intervals on my Garmin. So, I figured I’d run when I could.

Today was a KPV (Kings Pointe Village – 61st and Yale) run. We ran down 61st to the Warren Place road, up that stinkin’ hill, down and around to Yale, back up that hill, and ended up at the top of Richmond. We went down the other way to the end of the road and back up to the top of Richmond. And walked down Richmond! WHEW!!! Not sure I could have walked up it today!

My attitude today has really been about me. And I know that’s not right. But I just felt today like no one (not true, at least 2 people did) invested in me. I was doing the investing. And I was over-hearing someone investing in someone else.

The coach today really was praising the other slow walker in the group. Granted, she’s been in the group longer than I have, but I really felt like I could have used some words of encouragement. What a whiner I am!

Alllll of that to get reminded about the first sentence in Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life book – “It’s not about you.” It’s not. It’s not about me. Everything in this world does not and should not revolve around me. But I am so selfish. I believe that’s human nature and we’re all selfish. I’m pretty disappointed in my attitude today. I’m praying for a better attitude tomorrow!

Soooo …. recorded on the Garmin –

3.3 miles in 54:29 | average pace 16:30 | Mile 1 – 16:45; Mile 2 – 16:29; Mile 3 – 16:44; Mile 3-3.3 – 4:29

Hit 200 recorded miles!

Also …. the only time I ran was down Urbana to the store …. and I got down to a 9:53/min/mile BRIEFLY! Now …. that was maybe 30 seconds, but still an accomplishment!

I also went 3.21 in 53 minutes on Tuesday but I didn’t feel like blogging about it.


2 responses

  1. Queen Gimpy

    So yeah, I wanted to leave you a nice warm fuzzy comment but all I can do is laugh at the soda for breakfast part!! And I’m only laughing because I’ve done that on more occasions that I really care to admit!!

    You’ll have enough for graduation. Get out and hit some Saturday runs and volunteer at a couple of events. You’ll be fine. And even if you don’t officially “graduate”, you are out there doing the program, getting the workouts in… and that is the REAL REWARD.

    And…. psst….. little secret here…. it’s okay to let it be about you every now and again. 😉

    September 2, 2011 at 8:50 am

    • LOL I’m having soda again! (= I am out and moving and that’s a good thing. I haven’t cared for the graduation presents I’ve received so far, so I don’t know what to think about this time.

      I’m doing the Hustle for Hunger in Owasso this Saturday and the Run to the Beat in Owasso next Saturday (can you believe there’s not music along the route with a name like “Run to the Beat”?? I’m also doing the Escape from Turkey Mountain trail run on Monday. I should get points for that. After these, I should be able to come in and run on Saturdays.

      When are you going to be able to run again?

      September 2, 2011 at 9:41 am

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