adventures in running

Escape from Turkey Mountain 2 mile trail run

Mom and I have never done a trail run before, so we thought we’d give this one a shot. There’s a 2 mile and a 5 mile course. We went with the 2 mile course! Here’s the graphic on the shirt ….

Getting there was a challenge with Hwy 75 closed. The run started at 7:40. We left Oologah at 6:15. We didn’t know there was a detour, so we went another way. And I was worried we weren’t going to make it in time. But, with the help of the maps app on my iPhone, we did. With 20 minutes left until our race started. We had to pick up our packets, use the restroom, and take everything but the bib from the packets back to the car. And we still had time.

There were restrooms out there. With two stalls. And no toilet paper. However, some generous people brought kleenex in for us to use. That would have been an awful way to start a race!

The weather was WONDERFUL!!! I did get warm on the 2nd half of the course, but it wasn’t unbearable!

Soooo …. my first trail run. We started off in grass. Then a brief stint on a paved path. Then to the trail we went! Rocky, hilly, roots sticking out, very uneven terrain, people behind me trying to pass.

Definitely not a race for the weak! I did well with all the terrain. At one point, pretty early on, the person in front of me slipped, but she just landed on her hiney and hopped back up. That’s the only person I saw fall.

The trail was pretty narrow a lot of the way through, but knuckle-heads were still passing me. Hello! If you make me fall, I will hurt you!! But, I held my ground. I did something I don’t usually do. I stood my ground. I didn’t get out of the way of those going around me. Usually, in normal life situations, I go out of my way to BE out of the way. But today, I wasn’t going to give anyone an opportunity to put me in a predicament where I could fall and seriously hurt myself. Because if I had fallen, I probably would have seriously hurt myself with the terrain as rough as it was! People passing me on this course was my least favorite thing of it all.

The run was fun. The scenery was amazing. Once we got going, I was very thankful for all the ribbons tied to trees letting us know we were on the right path …. because on my own, I’m not sure I would be able to “escape from Turkey Mountain!” I might do a trail run again, but I’d probably start closer to the back so I didn’t have as many people trying to pass me.

At one point my Garmin auto paused on me! LOL That wasn’t fun. Soooo …. next time I do a trail run …. if I do another one …. I’ll turn off auto pause!

I had some Jelly Belly Sport Beans in my water bottle pocket but only ate one. It was difficult to chew, swallow, and watch my step while breathing hard!

I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while doing the run! I’m very proud of them for doing this!

It was such a challenge! The muscles on my backside were screaming at me in the middle. They’ll probably be worse tomorrow!!

If you’re a runner, you need to experience a trail run! Soooo different than a road race!

Came in 72nd out of 92 women | 15th out of 19 in my age group (30-39) | official time – 31:41



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