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Run to the Beat 5k, MY FIRST MEDAL, and a LOOOONG day!

I had a fantastic time at the Run to the Beat 5k. It was to raise funds for the Pride of Owasso band! So, with a run name like “Run to the Beat” you’d think there would be music along the way. But then you’d be wrong. )= I checked before the run, so I knew to have my music with me!

We had to get there early to pick up our packets. We didn’t think about grabbing them before last night. The website said they were doing packet pick up this morning between 7 and 8 and the race started at 8:30. So …. we were early! But, we ran into a RoCo buddy of Mom’s that I’ve met a few times and talked with her. She has a son in the Owasso Band.

I felt great most of the race. There were times when my pace was below 14. Once or twice, I got pains in my right side, so I walked and concentrated on breathing, and it went away.

I have benefited from joining the walking group for Pathways. I have learned how to walk quickly and have practiced it with them. So … today really was easy. I was going almost as fast walking as I was running.

I made pretty good time. It’s been a while since I’ve done so well.

Mom likes to wait around for the awards to see if she placed in her age group. I have been doing races for over a year and have never placed in my age group. However …… TODAY I CAME IN 2ND!!! I don’t believe there was a 3rd. The race results haven’t been posted yet. They had some issues with the timing when they were handing out awards. Had Mom’s age wrong, though she still fell in the right age group. She came in 3rd in her age group!

Afterwards, we did a few errands, then came home. I’ve wanted to re-arrange my room for a while. My rabbits are right next to my closet and they get bunny hair on everything, so I wanted to move them away from the closet. It was a BIG mess!!! I had to get all but the big stuff out of my room. Then Mom came and helped me move things around. We moved the night stand out and there’s not room for it to go back in.

Then we moved the bed. My bed has a head board and foot board and rails that connect both that my box springs and mattress sit on. The actual connector is metal. Well ….. instead of taking my mattress and box springs off, we just tried to push the bed around …… and one of the rails split here the metal piece was connected to the wood and dropped that corner of my bed on the floor. WOOPSIE!!!!

So we went down to Jim’s shop where some old stuff was stored when we moved to this house. On the mezzanine floor. With no steps to get there. However, conveniently, a ladder had been placed to get up there. That’s not usual. Anyway, she spied an old bed frame, but couldn’t get to it because of piles of insulation. Soooo ….. back to the house we go. She looked at the rail and decided she could probably fix it. So, with some wood glue, some screw drivers (one to screw and unscrew a phillips head screw, a flat head to pry the split apart a little), and a clamp …. my bed is back together.

There’s nothing wrong with the carpet, it’s just shadows and lighting.

And we got everything moved where I wanted it. Well, the big stuff, anyway. The rest of it is still out in the hallway. My whole body hurts after moving all this junk around! And I didn’t get a nap today.

3.14 miles in 45:13 | Mile 1 – 14:28 | Mile 2 – 14:38 | Mile 3 – 14:33 | Mile 3-3.14 – 1:33

Max Speed – 6.8 mph right at the end | Average Speed – 14:25 | Fastest Pace 9:16


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