adventures in running

Cold, drizzly, 3.5 mile run

I did NOT want to go running tonight. I complained on facebook. KB told me to suck it up and do it anyway.

Again, I had no motivation. So I just walked. But, it wasn’t just a leisurely walk. We were pushing it, and we went up quite a few monster hills.

Crazy talker lady was in fine form today. AND I forgot to take my my ipod with me. So I couldn’t just pretend not to hear her.

My shins hurt today. They hurt on Monday, too. I wonder if it’s because I’m walking. But why would walking make my shins hurt when running doesn’t? I’ll be writing the alphabet with me feet again tonight.

It was like 60 degrees outside. Cold. Drizzly. Uncomfortable. I had packed a short sleeve shirt, compression shorts, and my only KB running skirt. (I have fabric on the way! So I can have KB make me more skirts!!) I really would have been comfortable with a long sleeve shirt and my capris. I was still chilly when we were out.

3.56 miles in 58:31 | Mile 1 – 16:29 | Mile 2 – 16:20 | Mile 3 – 16:45 | Mile 3-3.56 – 8:56 | Average pace – 16:26


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