adventures in running

4.5 at Claremore Lake and a busy day!

Ooohhhhhh what a day!!

Mom had Yoga at 9. I expected her to be home around 10:45. We were going to go running at Riverside after she did her Yoga. She came home later than I thought. But, it was pretty cool, so at around 11:15, we headed out. She realized a mile down the highway she didn’t have her Garmin, so we went back home. As we were headed back out of our neighborhood, it started POURING on us. She said she wasn’t going to run in rain like that, so we went back home.

I crawled back into bed. (=

At around 1:45 she convinced me we could go running at Claremore Lake, come home and shower, then go to ABUELO’S! That’s the ONLY reason I agreed to go run this afternoon.

I dressed in the same stuff I had on earlier, a short sleeve shirt, and my running capris. Too much clothing! It was much warmer than I’d anticipated.

No aches or pains. Did intervals of 2 and 2. Ran most of the time I was supposed to run.

There’s a new path at Claremore lake that goes around a soccer field. Mom wanted to run on the sidewalks down Sioux and Blue Starr back to the Claremore Lake entrance. I didn’t want to go that way. The sidewalks are pretty messed up and there are more cars out there on the road. I didn’t think it was safe and didn’t want to go that way. But Mom wanted to know how far around it was. So, she went that way, and I went back the way we’d come.

I was a little worried that we’d separated. I didn’t have my cell phone, so she couldn’t call me if she got hurt, and I couldn’t call her if I got hurt. AND, because I was worried it might rain on us again, I wore my old running shoes. That don’t have my “SafeFinish” tag on them. So if something were to happen to me, no one would know who I was! LOL I prayed for both of us and kept on going!

We both got back to her car at the same time! That was pretty neat!

So, back home we went to shower. So we could go to Abuelo’s!!!

We had gotten off Hwy 169 at 71st to go to Abuelo’s. There was a guy in a minivan in the lane to our right. He tried to cut in front of us and we had no idea why. He really was acting like a jerk! He assumed we should let him in front of us. We didn’t even notice if he had his blinker on. After we’d gotten past him, we realized there was a car stopped in his lane. There was no way for us to know that until we got past the jerk.

Abuelo’s was amazing! I saved half and will have it for lunch tomorrow! (=

We went to Kohl’s to return a few things and look for a fitted sheet for my bed. It’s time for a new one, the old one has a hole. I really just need a fitted sheet. I don’t use a top sheet. Those things are really just a pain! And I use t-shirts on my pillow because I change it often to help with my face. So really, I just need a fitted sheet. And everywhere we went just had sets.

JCPenney Home Store just had sets. And none of them were grey like I want.

Then we went to Sports Authority to use the $10 cash card they sent me! I got an aqua short sleeve Under Armour tech shirt for $10.84 after the cash card! (= THANKS SPORTS AUTHORITY!!!

Then we went to Krispy Kreme! I ordered a Diet Dr. Pepper and I believe we got a regular Dr. Pepper. NOT THE SAME!!!!

Then we went to Sam’s. Got some frozen Edamame! A 36 package box of Rolos. For Rolo Brownies. LOL A box of 36 Rolos packages!!!! We got some yummy gigantic double chocolate muffins! (= And some Clif Bars.

Still, we weren’t done! We usually go to Walmart. We decided to go to Target to see if they had Gatorade G2 packets in a different flavor! Owasso Walmart only has grape and a blue kind. No fruit punch. BUT TARGET HAD FRUIT PUNCH G2!!! We got 5 containers of it!!! And one grape.

Then we went home! What a long day!!! I’m very thankful for the rain! And very glad it cleared up so we could go out!

Now, I’m watching stupid football news waiting for my OSU Cowboys to start their game against TU! It was supposed to start at 9pm (which is dumb anyway!) but now it’s 11pm and we’re in a rain delay! They haven’t been able to play yet! They have to wait until 30 minutes AFTER the last lightning strike. I hear they’re hoping to have the kickoff at midnight. REALLY? You’re going to start a football game at midnight? Yeah, those boys are going to be at their best at midnight! UGH!!!!

Church tomorrow’s going to be awful sparse!


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