adventures in running

Just 3 in the Blue Dome District

While I say “just 3” I realize 3 miles is nothing to scoff at. Three miles is a good distance! And I felt GREAT!!!

Because I run downtown on Mondays, I usually drive straight to the Fleet Feet and change there So I have plenty of time. And because I was in a hurry to leave today, I forgot I needed to fill my water bottle with ice before I left work. So, I ran without water. And it wasn’t a bad thing. I didn’t even really need it.

The crazy talker lady  has decided to run downtown on Mondays, and at KPV Tuesdays and Thursdays. I just can’t get away from her. And she was talking today. I think part of the problem is she doesn’t seem to talk loud enough. So, I have to strain to hear her and I just don’t care to put that effort in. /= Not a good attitude to have!

I did a lot of running today. I didn’t set my Garmin to intervals, I just ran when I felt like it. And it felt GREAT! It really was a great run. I was dressed appropriately for the temperature. The weather was pretty nice. If I had thought to bring something to pull my hair back with, I might have gone without my hat. Rocked my only KB running skirt. We ordered fabric for new skirts. It should be here Wednesday. I’m looking forwad to some variety! (=

The first few minutes of our run, Chatty Cathy and I were together. But, pretty quickly, I caught up to the coach, sort of, and the other chatty lady went back to be with the other lady. So, I spent my run with the coach. See, he doesn’t just talk to make noise, he talks to converse. To hear responses. And I like that. He’s also okay running in silence. and I like that, too!

It felt good to be running with the walking group. I didn’t really look at the time or the pace. Ooohhh and the Garmin lost signal a few times. There were times it said I was going under a 9 minute mile and I know that wasn’t true. At other times it said I was doing a 30 minute mile and actually auto-paused on me. That’s the problem with downtown and the tall buildings.

Amazing run. Glad to have a group – no matter how dysfunctional – to run with!!!

3 miles in 48:35 | Mile 1 – 15:54 | Mile 2 – 16:23 | Mile 3 – 15:32


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