adventures in running

3 miles Downtown

Oohhhh let me tell you about my visit first thing this morning. I went to see Dr. Tim Cole. He is a chiropractor who also specializes in Active Release Technique, which manipulates muscles as much if not more than joints. Words can’t describe how wonderful this is!!! I have had headaches for years! Horrible headaches. There’s a spot at the top of my neck on the left side of my spine that usually just hurts. I haven’t noticed anything aggravating it or anything that relieves the pain. I’ve been to a few chiropractors. The last one was fantastic. He was prompt. His office staff was amazing. But, I felt there was more that could be done.

Dr. Cole trapped some nodules or whatever in my muscles and had me stretch my head one way or another until the muscles release. It was amazing!! He actually knew where painful spots were and worked on those. He thinks he can fix my problem.

So, I’m looking forward to more visits with him. Afraid he’ll make me go broke. But, it’s amazing!! Ohhhh …. and some of my body is sore. (=

Anyway ….. so my walk was good. The two talkers kind of took off on their own and it was fantastic! There were two runners that were late and caught up to us and asked if they could go with us. They were friends and co-workers. They were just chatting it up. Easy to talk to. I was glad they’d joined us for the day.

Had a pain in the bottom of my left foot. I didn’t put my superfeet in because I hadn’t worn them in a while and I certainly didn’t want that to cause pain. Not sure which would have been better. The shoes as they are shouldn’t have been a problem, though. I’ve run in them without the superfeet before.

Ran a few times but I didn’t really feel like it. It had been since last Monday that I’d run. I was not really into running today.

I had gear in my bag from last week. But it was stuff for Zumba. So I was missing a few things. LOL Woops!!

3.09 miles in 48:21 | Mile 1 – 15:29 | Mile 2 – 15:33 | Mile 3 – 15:45


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