adventures in running

6 miles and the Tulsa State Fair

I slept in this morning! What a great feeling!! I woke up around 10.  Mom and I knew we needed to get 6 miles in. I’m doing the Williams Route 66 Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) on October 15, two weeks from today. Mom is doing the “Double” which is the Quarter Marathon and the 5k (9.65 miles altogether.)

So, we left around 11:30ish. Mom wanted to go to the Claremore Atwoods because they were going to have an infrared heater road show thing there. The heating/cooling in our house isn’t uniform. Her room gets more of whatever is put out than mine. If it’s summer time, her room is cooler than mine. If it’s winter time, her room is warmer than mine. I freeze in the winter. And she’s burning up in her room. So, she wanted to check out these heaters. They still run on electricity, but say they cost around $1 a day to run. So, she bought one. Hope it keeps me toasty this winter!!

Then we went to Claremore Lake. It’s really a pretty nice place to run. There are trails and only a few places where the trail crosses over a road in the park. The scenery is nice. While we were out, Mom saw a young deer. She called me to come to where she was and the deer didn’t run away. Not far from the baby, the momma was lying down in the trees. That was pretty neat.

I did intervals of 5 and 2 because it’s been a while since I’ve run 5 minutes at a time. Running with the walking group became walking with the walking group most often. I have noticed, though, that walking makes my shins and knees hurt worse than running does.

I walked a few of my run intervals, but for going 6 miles, I really did a pretty stinkin’ good job, if I say so myself!

Oohhh something really neat about today ….. KB made Mom and I each a skirt! I LOVE IT!!! Most of you know me and know I’m not really a skirt wearing person. I have a few that I wear to work. And that’s more because the waistbands are elastic and they stretch ….. But I LOVE wearing skirts when I run. For a few reasons. They’re CUTE! And they cover my compression shorts so no one sees what’s compressed! I am soooo thankful that I had the privilege to get to know KB! She makes leotards and I helped convince her to try tackling a running skirt. It’s the same material. The skirts are amazing! They are very well made! I’m looking forward to the others she’s going to be making! Mom and I purchased several different patterned fabrics and we’re hoping she can get two skirts out of each piece. She’ll have to be creative! But, she’s smart enough to come up with a system to mark which are mine and which are Mom’s. I know she can do it!!!

The skirt was perfect! I carried my phone with me in the pocket, but I was worried the phone would pull the skirt down, so I safety pinned the skirt to my compression shorts and I didn’t have any problems!

We were not camera ready so we didn’t take pics of our skirts today, but we will soon!!

The run was great! 6 miles was a challenge. I walked the last half mile. But I didn’t give up! I made it to my car at 5.5 but turned around so I could get my 6 in.

Soooo ….. I went 6.11 in 1:38:08! I don’t have the mile splits because I had my Garmin set for intervals, but my average pace was 16:03. I’ve GOT to get faster before I do my half marathon or they’ll pick me up and not let me finish. I have to do a 16 minute mile. Including stopping for pictures with the characters. Bathroom breaks if necessary. Water stops. Whatever. I have to do it faster than a 16 minute mile. But, I KNOW I can do it!!

Then we came home, showered, and headed out again. I didn’t realize until we got home that I’d gotten a sunburn. A sunburn! We were running in the early afternoon. And it was warm. But I just didn’t even think about needing to wear sun screen!! My shoulders, chest, and face got some sun. I just sprayed those areas, all but my face, with vinegar. I’ve heard that takes the sting out …. It didn’t hurt at the fair, so I’m hopeful that it won’t hurt at all!

When we go to the fair, we always part at Hale High School. They’ve always got a shuttle that runs from there to the fair and back. So we don’t have to fight fair traffic. And the buses drop off back by where the Disney On Ice is, and that area back there isn’t very busy either.

I took my Garmin with me to see how far we walk while we’re at the fair but I didn’t remember to turn it on until we’d been there a while and were in the QT center. And it wouldn’t locate the satellite inside the building, so I went outside and stood for about 5 minutes and it never could locate the satellite, so I turned it off and headed back inside. And saw a friend from high school! It was really good to see her! And very surprising to see anyone you know with all the people that were there!! So, no results on how far we walked …. but we walked a lot! Feet, ankles, calves, shins, and lower back are definitely hurting!

I ate a jumbo corn dog, a cheese on a stick (I shared with Mom), and a cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate, and a few bites of roasted ear of corn.

Mom ate cajun shrimp on a stick, some of my cheese on a stick, a roasted ear of corn, and a few bites of my cheesecake.

We could have done way worse! But I ate everything I’d intended to eat.

I bought some bars for my Scentsy. They’re made by Cinnamon Bay Candle Company in Broken Arrow! The company also makes aroma beads that smell fantastic!! But, I promised myself no “magic beads” this time. But, they had soy tart bars $3 each or 4 for $10. And looking at their website, they’re usually $3.50 each, so either way, it’s a good price. I smelled and smelled and smelled. It was kind of weird. They had their fragrances all mixed together. I would have thought they’d have each fragrance together. So, you had to go digging. Kind of like garage sale-ing. I don’t really like that. But I went digging anyway. I really only came up with one that I HAD to have. And it was Wild Orchid Tea. It smells a lot like Scentsy’s Sweet Tea Magnolia that they aren’t making anymore. So, I bought 4 of those. I hope I’m not disappointed! They also make soy candles.

I also bought a pretty glass heart shaped pendant. It’s got a different orange pattern on each side. And looks great with OSU shirts! (=

Aaaand I bought a bar of detox charcoal soap. Made in Tulsa. The company is Theraganics. They’ve just opened a store at the Farm. They sell all natural, vegan soaps and things. I stopped in because I have been looking for some type of face wash or soap with sulfur in it – sulfur, sulfacetamide, anything. I’ve googled it and there’s really just a few companies that make sulfur soap and the reviews on all of them are mixed. So, I stopped in to see if they had anything with sulfur in it. And they didn’t. She said they could probably make some, but told me about the detox charcoal soap. Because they are here in Tulsa, and were willing to make a nasty smelling bar of soap (with sulfur) for me if necessary, I thought I’d try the detox soap. It’s got bamboo charcoal, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, other kinds of oil, and clay. So, I washed with it this evening. And it smells a little tea tree-ish when washing, but it felt great on my face. Very gentle. They also suggested only washing my face at night. That it isn’t necessary to wash it in the mornings, just splash with luke warm water to distribute the natural oils in my skin. And then moisturize or put some type of foundation on my skin to keep outside toxins from getting on my skin. So, I’ll let you know how that goes! The lady I spoke with seemed very knowledgeable. And I LOVE that they’re here in Tulsa!

So, two of my three purchases were Made in Oklahoma and very easy to get! (= Mom got some Avon stuff she’s almost out of.

We left the fair at 9pm. You think we’d be done. Headed home. Right? Yeah …… NO! We went to Reasor’s. We just had a few things on our list. And everything could have waited but the coffee creamer. And Mom couldn’t go without her coffee in the morning ….. so we had to stop at Reasor’s.

Now …. it’s 12:30 a.m. 10.2 and I’m finishing up my blog. I did run on Thursday, and it was a good run. But I didn’t blog about it. I forgot my Garmin at home. I didn’t take my ipod. I didn’t bring my water. I was lucky to get there and get changed before they left. I got busy running errands and ran out of time!


2 responses

  1. C'est moi

    You coming out to the Run For the Patch this weekend?? Don’t know what you need to do for miles, but there’s a 1-mi Fun Run, a 5k, and a 10k… or the Pumpkin Challenge for 15k! 🙂

    You’ll be fine for the half so long as you get your weekly miles in! I think you can get your pace to a 14:30 easily (and that takes walk breaks into consideration) and that will give you plenty of time for character photos. Just make sure you are getting ALL YOUR DISTANCE in. January will be here before you know it!!

    October 3, 2011 at 8:50 am

  2. I’d REALLY like to be able to say I did the Great Pumpkin Challenge, but I AM NOT ready for a 15k.

    I’m hoping that I’ll be more motivated to run this winter because of the half! It will definitely sneak up on me, though!

    October 3, 2011 at 10:19 pm

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