adventures in running

7.7 miles and some funnies!

Soooo …. today was an adventure!!

We went to 71st and Riverside. We stopped at QT to use the restroom before we took off ….. And this is what we saw in the parking lot ….

And of course, I had to take a picture. I actually almost couldn’t because I was gagging!!! It smelled worse than being INSIDE a port-a-potty.

The reason for the smell? A leak?

Check out what they called it …..

So we went next door to Wendy’s to use their restroom.

And this is what we saw in the bathroom ….


Then we park in the small parking lot on the Riverside trail closest to 71st Street and we saw THESE people go by. Before we even started running. These aren’t my pictures. I snatched them from facebook ….

And then this one …

And we KNEW something was up!!  They were headed North on Riverside. We stayed at the car for a while, waiting for them to come back through, and they didn’t. So we headed North to see if we could figure out where they were coming from. They had bibs saying it was a Breast Cancer Awareness ride.

We went 4 miles North on Riverside. I didn’t know it went that far. It goes UNDER 71st street! At about 2.5 miles, we stopped at the Riverspirit Casino to use their restroom. You know how hard it is to put compression shorts back on after you’ve been sweating in them? Not easy!

We saw a few others with the bibs on, but no one picture worthy. Except maybe this woman wearing a pink wig under her helmet.

Luckily at 4 miles, we saw the Trek Bicycle shop in Jenks! Almost to the Turnpike! Now …. these people were LOOONNNG gone, but they still had their tent out.

As we were running North, there was a very strong wind! We ran into it the entire 4 miles. We could have turned around to have it at our back, to be pushing us a little, but the goal was to go 8 miles, so I didn’t want us to have to run a mile or more into the wind at the END of our run. So we went North the first 4 and South the second 4. And of course, when we were headed South, there WASN’T  strong wind at our back!

I did learn from last week’s sunburn and put sunscreen on my face, neck, and ears, but didn’t put it on my shoulders. And ended up pink again!

I walked most of the last 4 miles. The bottom of both feet hurt. My big toe on my right foot hurt the whole time.

After our 8 miles, we ate lunch at Luby’s. My mom and I used to eat there (well, at one that’s no longer there) often when I was little, with my mom’s mom. We also made several more stops before making it home! Including picking up more skirts from KB!! THANKS KB!

I promise pictures …. maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

So, I went 7.73 miles in 2:10:38. Average pace was 16:53. Not great, but I was out and moving for almost 8 miles!

And I’m thinking next spring Mom and I might take up bike riding. The ride earlier was a 10 mile or 25 mile ride, the participants chose what they wanted to do!


2 responses

  1. C'est moi

    Don’t wait to get a bike!! I need to get 95.5 more miles in this month – go get one now, and let’s ride!!

    GREAT job today. Who cares if you walked – you FINISHED, and that’s what matters. What are you doing next weekend?? Quarter, or the Double?

    October 8, 2011 at 6:19 pm

  2. Well, I’ve got a mountain bike. But that’s not real easy to ride on the road!! I can’t afford a new bike right now. I owe $1862 on my car and I hope to have it paid for by Christmas!! After that, I’ll be saving to move out. But, those people on their bikes had some awesome calf muscles! Definitely something to consider! Can they put road tires on a mountain bike so I’d just have to buy new tires? Is that a good option?

    Next week I’m doing the Quarter and Mom’s doing the Double. I didn’t think I’d be ready for the Double. Today proves I was right. But I’m hoping to do better than I did today, knowing I’m not trying for 8!

    October 8, 2011 at 6:54 pm

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