adventures in running

Unprepared for 3

Today was a crazy day. This weekend I decided to take my bunny to her veterinarian before he goes to Southeast Asia for 2 weeks. I thought I found a pretty big bump on her under side. Bunnies are susceptible to different kinds of cancers, which is why we had her fixed when she was little. Well, that and we didn’t want to run a bunny farm!

I called the vet as I was leaving for work this morning. They said I could bring her in about an hour later. So, I went back home and got her. He said her eye was doing okay, and that there wasn’t a bump, it’s just her pelvic bone. The other side didn’t look like that, though, I don’t think. Anyway, he said she looked good. She’s at the top of the average life span for a bunny, so I’m very glad to hear she’s still looking good!

So, I took her back home and then went to work.

Work was crazy, too.

I didn’t have my first water until 3:30 when I left for my chiropractic appointment. I didn’t bring extra for my gatorade or my water bottle I run with. So I was definitely under-hydrated.

And then I didn’t realize until I got to Fleet Feet to run that I didn’t put my Garmin back in the box after Saturday’s run. So, I borrowed the info from the lady I walked next to tonight!

Wore my new animal print/crazy color skirt KB made for me! It was perfect, KB!!

I went 3.14 in 52 minutes. Average pace 16:33


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