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Williams Route 66 Quarter Marathon!!

Oh what a day! What. A. Day!

I completed the Williams Route 66 Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) and Mom completed “the Double” which is a 5k and the Quarter Marathon (9.65 miles.)

I also had lots of running friends complete races – the 5k, the Quarter Marathon, or the Double. I am SOOOO PROUD of all of them!!!

5k – Aimee

Quarter – Kim and ME!

Double – Mom, KB, Stephanie, Lynn, Renie, Roger, and Chris

Here’s a picture of Mom and I before the race. These are both skirts made by my friend KB!!! WE LOVE THEM KB!!!

I had Jelly Belly Sport Beans and Honey Stingers in my left pocket. I don’t look a thing like my mom, do I?

The 5k and 5k section of the Double started at 8. The Quarter started at 8:30 (or after the 5k for the Double.) So, I snapped a few pictures before my race started.

Mom’s in the middle of this picture!

Those ladies past her with the tutus on …. I saw them messing with their tutus as they were passing me in the Quarter. Wonder if they were itchy?!

There was a variety of entertainment on our journey! There were several bands. Some of them were good. Some of the singers were not good. There was a lady with a sound system and a microphone, singing to some tunes. She was singing “American Girl” as I came through her area. The strangest thing was a woman and her guitar. No band. No other equipment. And she was NOT a good singer, either!! But it was nice to have music on the course in several places!! Even though I had my shuffle.

I took this picture while I was running. Not walking, I was actually running!

Pretty neat to see all these people moving!!!

There were only a few people, it looked like, that finished the 5k part of the Double BEFORE 8:30 when the Quarter started. Those people had to wait until 8:30. So, all my friends who ran the Double started after me. And they eventually all caught up to me. (= BUT they’re all faster than me, so I knew they’d catch me!

Stephanie caught me first around mile 4.5. We walked together for a few minutes and then she took off.

Lynn came next around mile 5! She cheered for me.

Mom caught me next around mile 5.2. She didn’t hang around, though. She kept going.

KB was next! Around mile 5.4. She finished with me! It is almost always better, more fun, to run with someone else. There are exceptions – like when you don’t really care for the person running with you. But it was a blast running the rest of the race with her!!

And this was the only race where Mom was there and didn’t finish far enough ahead of me to snap a picture of me crossing the finish line! Hope Lori with Fleet Feet got a pic of KB and I coming to the finish line!

Here’s Stephanie and I. I REALLY miss our old PW3 group! That was such a wonderful group of people!!

YES THAT’S A FINISHER’S MEDAL!!! And a Sierra Mist in my hand. (= I’m not trying to hide anything. I’ve got a pic of our group after the St. Patrick’s Day run where I’m holding my water bottle like that.

Mom and I AFTER the run! She got a finisher’s shirt for completing the Double!!

Here’s KB and her husband, Roger, looking for their official times.

She really wasn’t shaking her fist at me, she WAS dancing! (=

So, officially, I finished the Quarter Marathon in 1:37:01 with an average pace of 14:49. I finished 1055 out of 1094.

My Garmin says I went 6.63 in 1:37:21 (I didn’t stop it as soon as I crossed the finish line) with an average of 14:41.

Soooo …. that’s that. My next race is the Tulsa Run in TWO WEEKS!!


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  1. C'est moi

    You know what would be nice? 🙂 A Tulsa Run update. Like where you talk about how much fun you had even though it was some stupidly long miles and also reflect on how not so very long ago, four miles seemed like an un-achievable distance?? 🙂

    Gonna run “Nightlife” tomorrow at KPV with me?

    November 2, 2011 at 6:06 pm

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