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I’ve had a pretty busy week since the run, but KB asked for a new post, so here you go!

It was really cold the morning of the race. Like stay in your bed cold! So I struggled with what to wear, knowing I’d be extremely cold at the start line, but I’d warm up pretty quickly. I settled on a short sleeve shirt and my compression shorts and a skirt made by KB. And I was cold before we started and I did warm up quickly! I was dressed perfectly! Wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Mom’s group were going to meet at the Fleet Feet Blue Dome store at 8am. 8AM! The Tulsa Run had 2 races, the 5k started at 8:30 and the 15k started at 9. Why’d we need to be there an hour early? It’s beyond me. But, we were. We parked by the store and spent most of our time in it. We use the restroom while we were there. I might have used it twice.

Then we walked several blocks to the race area. Mom stopped to stand in line to use a port-a-potty. She was running around, warming up her muscles, and then brought me her water bottle. I figured she was going to run some more, so I told her I’d wait right there, for her to come back to me. A few minutes later she called me and told me she was in line for the bathroom (the benefit of our skirts is that there are pockets for our phones! LOVE IT!!!). So, I went to stand with her. Not sure why she gave me her bottle.

So, it’s AWFUL close to the 15k start time and she’s still in line. With like 4 minutes to go. When she comes out, we walk towards the crowd of people, not really knowing where the start line really was, and the shotgun went off! HA So, we just jumped in with the people right there and took off!

And of course, I took off too fast. The people around me were all passing me and I felt like a real slow poke. Oh well.

All of these people may or may not have passed me ….

(Picture taken by Lori at Fleet Feet)

I remembered early on to turn my Garmin on. But I was a dummy and didn’t set my intervals. I really believe I would have done better having my Garmin tell me when to run and when to walk. But I did what my body felt comfortable doing. And that was walking a lot! I was sick the whole 2 weeks before the run and the week before the run it was pretty chilly outside and I didn’t want to make myself sick, so I didn’t run that week, either. So I wasn’t as conditioned as I should have been.

I ran when I thought I could run and I walked when I needed to walk. And I got passed by a ton of people.  Even racewalkers. Who started later than I did. One of these days, I will be fast enough to beat some racewalkers!!

After a few miles, my throat started feeling dry. I had my water bottle with me, so it wasn’t because I was thirsty. I was afraid I was getting sick again. During a race!

I had a few aches. My left ankle hurt in a different spot than usual. And my left knee, on the inside, just under the knee cap, hurt!

While most runners are intense about running, there were quite a few people who completed the 15k that were dressed up!!

  • Jolly Green Giant
  • bee and bee keeper (they ran together!)
  • skeletons (one guy had tights with the bones on ’em!!)
  • Scooby Doo’s crew
  • Batman and Robin (ran together)
  • Where’s Waldo
  • prisoners
  • witches

There were other people dressed up, but they were not costumes, they were uniforms! There were some National Guard guys who ran in their fatigues, boots, and carrying their backpacks! And a fireman ran in his gear!

I also think this is pretty cool looking down the hill at all those people. In front of me. I LOVE being able to run with my camera. I mean phone. (=

There were bands throughout the course. Not as many as the Quarter Marathon, though.

There was a really cool spot in the run where there were runners going 3 different ways …. here’s a picture of some of the area.

I’m running on the overpass, we travel around to the off ramp (where you see the people), and then come back on the street to the right of the picture. This pic is also pretty neat because KB and KC are in it!!

Towards the end, my chest hurt like I had chest congestion. So weird!

S caught up to me first. She and I walked together for a few minutes and then she took off.

Another lady, L, caught up to me, hollered and then kept going!

Then Mom caught up to me and kept going!

There was another lady running/walking pretty at about my speed. I’d pass her, she’d pass me. It happened often. But towrads the end, she was able to move faster than me! The last few miles, I just couldn’t get my body to run!

I cannot believe I completed a 15k. 9.3 miles! What an amazing feeling! After completing the 15k, I know that as long as I keep running (and not slacking) I will be able to complete the half marathon in January!! 2 years ago, if you’d told me all that I’d accomplish to this point, I would have laughed. I would have called you a liar if you told me I’d be training for a half marathon!!!

I am so thankful to Fleet Feet for starting No Boundaries in Claremore so my mom would get hooked.

I am so thankful my mom enjoyed her No Boundaries class and told me about it each time.

I am so thankful I didn’t just listen to her stories, that I made my own by joining No Boundaries in Tulsa!!!

I am so thankful for all the people I have run with, and especially those who go out of their way to motivate me!!!

So here’s a picture (taken by Lori at Fleet Feet) early in the run

Here’s a picture of Mom and I after the run

My official chip time was 2:22:59 (average pace was 15:13) going 9.3 miles

I came in 3804 out of 3860 participants

I finished 325 out of 33o in my age group

The winner finished in 44:10. 44 MINUTES! It’s all I can do to finish a 5k in 44 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

The fastest female finished in 51:54!

The fastest racewalker was a 36 year old woman – 1:07:22


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  1. C'est moi

    Love love love love love that picture of just you!!! It’s wonderful!!

    November 2, 2011 at 9:27 pm

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