adventures in running

3 miles, mostly walking

While we were able to run quite a bit on Tuesday, we just had very little motivation today to run. But we were still out moving, training, not sitting on our hineys watching TV!!

We met at the YMCA parking lot and ran in the neighborhood behind it. I like running in neighborhoods in the evenings because lots of people are doing laundry and you can smell it! You can also smell when people are frying food! (= LOL AND We got about 2 blocks from Larry’s Fried Chicken and I could smell it!!!

We thought we’d do 4 today, but Mom needed to go after 3 so she could let Mike out. 3 was far enough for me!!!

It wasn’t much of an outing, but again, we were out!!

I went 3.14 miles in 52:45 | Mile 1 – 16:45 | Mile 2 – 16:27 | Mile 3 – 17:06


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