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6 Miles on the Osage Prairie Trail in Skiatook

Sooooo ….. Mom and I were supposed to do 6 miles this weekend. We were going to do them yesterday. Mom said on Friday that we would go whenever we got around on Saturday morning. at 10 we decided to check the weather and realized it was going to start raining soon.

So we got dressed and off we went. And it started raining on us almost immediately. We decided we were not going to run in the rain. Not only was in raining, but it was super cold, too!

Friday night, Mom got new shoes from Fleet Feet. I tried on shoes, but they didn’t have the size I should have needed in a shoe. They said they could order a pair. They said it would take 7-10 days, but that it could be sooner.

That’s 1/5 of my training time!!!

So on Saturday, we checked out Tulsa Runner and I they had a pair that fit perfectly. They are not pretty. And it makes me sad. The other 2 pairs of running shoes have been acceptable to look at …. These are just not what I want. But they feel good. They were the best fit I tried on at either store!

We did lots of other errands, but those aren’t necessary to post on here. (=

Sooooooo….. we went running today!!!

If you haven’t been to the Osage Prairie Trail in Skiatook, at Central Park, lately, and you’re a runner in the area, you should!

At the road, Highway 20, there’s a neat kids area. The ground is the squishy rubbery stuff, not “chips” of any kind.  There are all kinds of toys out there. There are metal seats around the area so if your kids are bigger, you could sit and watch them play.

There’s also a restroom. We were there around 1:30pm and it was around 40* outside. There was a heater ON inside the bathroom. It had toilet paper, soap, and a hand dryer.

There is a little pond with seats looking out at a fountain.

There’s a neat covered area with 3 tables – could be a fun just before summer bunco place!

The trail was also neat!!

It’s paved nicely for miles! No potholes and no big cracks. The only problem today was the horse poo all along the path!

There’s nice scenery! It goes behind a few houses, there are trees all around.

There are lights along the path 2 miles down the path. After that, there’s no lighting. But you could run back and forth on the lighted path if you needed to go further than 4 miles.

I saw a male cardinal, a blue jay, and a hawk!

The run was amazing! When I turned on my Garmin, it said the battery was low so I also used my iphone app – Jog Log. I set my intervals on Jog Log at run 3, walk 2 and did very well on my intervals. There were a few that I walked when I was supposed to run, but I am not disappointed in my run!

It was a little chilly starting out. I wore a compression tank top, a long sleeve tech shirt, my long compression pants, and a KB skirt (ya know, to cover the hiney!). I also wore ear warmers and gloves.

After about a mile, I took the gloves off and ear warmers. The gloves went in a skirt pocket and the ear warmer went around my neck.

We ran 3 miles out and then turned around to run 3 miles back to the car. The 3 miles out, the weather really was perfect. It wasn’t windy at all and the sun was shining. The 3 miles coming back, we ran right into the wind and the sun was hiding a little.

Mom and I both enjoyed the run today!!

You’ll notice something kind of strange looking at my pace – I slowed down in the middle then sped up again!

I didn’t wear my new shoes, but I will tomorrow or Tuesday!

I went 6.13 miles in 1:36:00 | Average pace – 15:39 | Mile 1 – 15:44 | Mile 2 – 15:13 | Mile 3 – 16:22 | Mile 4 – 16:59 | Mile 5 – 16:02 | Mile 6 – 15:30 | Mile 6-6.13 – 2:15


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