adventures in running

3 miles and I was on FIRE!

I got new shoes on Sunday but today was the first run in them. I wore them to work yesterday and they seemed fine.

I set my intervals to run 3, walk 2. I walked the first run and walk interval (5 minutes) and then I ran when it was time and walked when it was time. My first run, I was under a 14 minute mile! And I kept that up on every run interval!

We saw lots of little wild bunnies!

Mom got new shoes on Saturday and they didn’t seem to work well for her today. She had her orthodics in her shoes and her feet went numb, and she was having pain. She’s going to try tomorrow with her superfeet inserts. Hopefully those work out for her!

So because her shoes weren’t working well for her, and I was on FIRE!, I ran the last mile and a half in front of her! IN FRONT OF HER!!! You all know she runs faster than I do. AND I WAS IN FRONT OF HER!!!! This is the first time I’ve ever been able to pass her. It may also be the last. (=

It was cold, but I felt amazing! I love my Under Armour coldgear compression tights! They make running in the cold a little easier! And of course, my KB skirt to cover up!

3 miles in 44:19 | Mile 1 – 15:14 | Mile 2 – 14:18 | Mile 3 – 14:30  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oohhhh and I’m looking for people to send me voice memos as encouragement for my half marathon playlist. Comment if you’d like to know where to send it.


PS – I have a funny —- I was wearing new (washed) Under Armour compression tights and  KB skirt over them. I had my phone in my pocket and headphones connected to my phone. My skirt kept riding up in the front, which is unusual, but I’ve never worn this one with long pants. Anyway, so I pulled down on it and got shocked in my ears!!!! I did it again to see what exactly happened! It was the weirdest feeling!! So, I just let the skirt ride up! I didn’t need any more shocks!


One response

  1. C'est moi

    I told you – I’m just going to call you repeatedly and sing. So there.
    Great pace!!!!!!

    December 8, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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