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2011 Jingle Bell Run!

I have to start out with this because it REALLY makes me happy —– AVERAGE PACE WAS 14:02!!!!!

So, yeah, if you know me or you’ve been reading my blog, YOU know that this is unusual! But I am super excited about this. This makes me have the confidence I need to know that I WILL  BE ABLE to finish the Walt Disney World Half Marathon with at least a 16 minute mile with stops for pictures, restroom, whatever. Participants who cannot keep at least a 16 minute/mile pace can be picked up. I hope they wouldn’t pick people up unless they truly were not doing well.

WOW! What a relief. I mean I only went 3.1 miles today, but I know that I can do 13.1. And this 14:02 average pace really encourages me!

I ran with my new Under Armour compression tights and my KB animal print skirt. It also shocked me through my headphones. I blame it on the pants! They’re the common denominator with this shocking business. The two skirts I wore with them are made out of different material.

Mom and I had lunch with a group of ladies she used to work with. Like forever ago. They still get together for each other’s birthdays and for Christmas. We ate at Mi Cocina on Cherry Street. It’s not Abuelo’s. Not even close. In the beginning, the wait staff was very attentive. After we got our food, they didn’t seem to care about us anymore. I didn’t really enjoy my enchiladas but the rice was really good.

So we had Mexican food in us while we were running. I burped several times, but it didn’t seem to slow me down. 😉

After lunch, I needed to get new shoe strings before I ran. The shoestrings that came with my new shoes were too short. I didn’t want to pay much for them. They needed to be longer than 44 inches, I’d taken one out and measured it. We didn’t have much time, and were close to Utica Square, so we went to the New Balance store. They gave me 54 inch shoestrings for free. How cool is that??? They had some really cute Breast Cancer Awareness stuff, but it’s always so expensive. Thank you, New Balance store at Utica Square, for the really nice surprise! He went to the back and came back with shoestrings. I never imagined they’d be free!

We parked at Fleet Feet to change, use the restroom, and get some beans and honey stingers. Then we walked to 10th and Cincinnati. And just barely made it in time.

I had planned to wear a long sleeve UA shirt with a green US short sleeve shirt over it (the one that I felt like a green marshmallow in for the St. Patrick’s Day run…), my new UA tights, and my KB skirt. After I put my running stuff on, and went out to the car, I decided the long sleeve under shirt was not necessary!! I really was still over-dressed. I certainly would have been fine in my capris! But I am SOOOO glad I took off the under shirt! It would have simply been tooooo hot. I would have had to stop to take it off!

It’s my first “run” with my new shoes, so I tied them tight. Then the left one seemed a little tight, so I redid it. While running, it seemed a little loose, but I was doing so well on time that I didn’t want to stop to fix it!

I did quite a bit of passing today! I don’t take much credit for that. I believe there are a lot of people who participate in the Jingle Bell Run, that benefits the Arthritis Foundation, who have not been training. They started before me and couldn’t keep up the pace they started with.

Mom realized as we were headed to lunch that she didn’t have her phone. And that’s what she uses for her music! And for taking my picture as I cross the finish line. It was kind of sad! But she didn’t even see me cross the finish line anyway!

Coming up to the finish line, I was cruising!!!

After the run, we walked back to Fleet Feet where my car was and then we went shopping. I totally forgot to stretch. Feeling a little pain in my lower back.

We were supposed to go 8.5 miles today but we decided we’ll do it tomorrow instead. When Mom’s got her music.

Ooohhhh and as we were walking to lineup before the start of the race, I heard JB yell my name!!! She looked so cute with her baby bump!! Can’t wait until we’re all able to run together again. So you better be ready, JB!

My Garmin time and chip time from the race were the same – 3.14 miles in 44:06 | Mile 1 – 14:29 | Mile 2 – 14:00 | Mile 3 – 14:17 


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