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run and eat, run and eat

Yes. That’s what we did today. Seriously. That’s about all we did today!

We signed up to do the Garden of Lights run in Muskogee, which started at 4:45 pm. It started so late so you could see all the lights in the park. But it was just a 5k and we REALLY need to be going further! So we decided we’d run early in the day in Skiatook and then do this run.

I got up at 8 this morning. Did a silly thing – I brushed my teeth then rinsed with a fluoride mouthwash. And you’re not supposed to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after doing that …. So I ate peanut butter toast at 8:30. And then cuddled back in my bed to let my body do what it does after I eat peanut butter toast. Apparently today, that was take a nap. So, I woke up around 10 and rushed to get ready.

We drove to Skiatook to run 8 miles. The other day I bought 2 packages of Honey Stingers and 2 packages of Jelly Belly Sport Beans. I ate one package of Honey Stingers during a run, but should have the other 3 packages of stuff somewhere. But I can’t find it. So we didn’t have any type of nutrition or fuel for during the run. And we felt it!!

Oohhh and I got new shoes yesterday. The most recent pair was purchased (by mom as a Christmas present) just a few weeks ago but after running in them, they hit my ankle in a weird place and hurt up my leg. So I went to Fleet Feet and had them fit me again, and I purchased a new pair of Saucony’s. I wore them yesterday afternoon and into the night and thought they were fine. So I wore them today.

Yes, I wore them today. For an 8 mile run. And it was a stupid choice.

The first mile, I run my intervals. I hold myself back a little so that I can do well later in the long run. The second and third followed suit. I held back, wanting to be able to do really well the second half. At like 1.6 I’m thinking Wow, I feel good! I’m almost 1/4 of the way done with this run! 

Mile 3-4 was my best pace of the day (14:45)! But it was ALLLLL downhill after turning around!

Mom wanted us to not go a specific distance, but to go out an hour and come back. And that was allllmost 4 miles for me. So we went the extra minute so I could hit 4 miles. Then there was a fairly busy road just a bit in front of us, so we ran to it. It was 106th Street North.

After we turned around, when I’d hoped to have all kinds of energy to have an excellent average pace ….. all I could make myself do was walk. And that was ONLY because we HAD to walk back to get to our car! We were more than 4 miles away from it!!!

About that time, I really started noticing a pain on the outside of my left foot and along the outside of my foot on the bottom. And it only got worse. But, I had to keep walking to get to the car.

So, remember at mile 1.6 I was feeling pretty good. At mile 5.5 I’m thinking I am almost to 1/4 left to go! My how my thinking had changed!!!

We finish. Mom ended up with 9 miles, and I had 8.5. Which was the goal. It doesn’t matter that we walked a lot. We needed miles on our feet and we did it.

Then we ate at Señor Salsa. It was pretty good. We ate at Calientes Tomates a few weeks ago and were NOT impressed. The food wasn’t good and it was pretty expensive for Mexican food. Señor Salsa was much better. The service was better and quicker! The food tasted better! That’s the choice for Mexican if you’re in Skiatook. Unless there’s another place I don’t know about ….

So, when we left for the run in Skiatook, the goal was to run, eat, then go home for a while, then go to Muskogee for the actual race.

What really happened was, we ran, we ate, we drove home, we changed, and we left for Muskogee!!! There was no time to do anything but change at home!!! I did switch to my old Saucony’s (not the other new pair), hoping that would be enough to allow me to finish the run.

Ooohhhhhh Muskogee….

The parking was in an open field. A soggy open field. I was a little worried I’d get stuck. But I was glad that I’d driven my car instead of taking Mom’s Mustang. There was a nice dip that her car might not have survived!

There were lights along the path in the park and that was nice. But HOLY HILL BATMAN!!! A constant, fairly steep hill for about half a mile. I did quite a bit of passing on this hill, even though I was walking.

I did run a few intervals but then I walked the rest. Going up that hill, my left foot really started to bother me again. And it was worse coming back down that hill.

Mom thought the run was fun. I didn’t really care for it. We drove two and a half hours round trip to do the run. It was free because we’re part of the WINGS program, but it cost us in gas! It got dark during our run. Which is okay until you get to the end of the run. There was a man standing just past the finish line making sure we’re in the order in which we crossed the finish line. The run wasn’t chip timed and so they were taking the perforated pieces from the bottom of the bib. The man, instead of using his words and telling us what he needed, was standing in the middle and touching us as we came through. DON’T TOUCH ME!!! I don’t know you and I don’t want you to touch me. Be a big boy and use your words. I listen. And then ….. there were no lights at the finish line, or really anywhere after you finished. No lights to get you back to your car without getting run over. It was ridiculous. Because there were lights out there at the park. AAAAAAAAAAAND some truck got stuck in the field …..

OOOHHHHHH and here’s a funny —- on me —- when I was parking, the parking attendants were too busy chatting to tell me where to park, so I made my own row, just like they would have asked me to. But I didn’t pull up to the row in front of me, I was going to make my own row to pull forward out of. Well that’s not what they wanted, and they told me about it. So, I pulled up. I was irritated because they should have been working and not talking if they’re going to be so picky. Anyway, I was irritated. I turned my car off, but left the key in the ignition. Got out, put on my Garmin and headphones and stuff, grabbed my spare key I put in my water bottle so I don’t have to carry around the big key chain. AND I LEFT THE KEYS IN THE IGNITION.

I didn’t realize it until we’re walking back to the car. I’m like I think that’s where I parked, but the lights are on…. We get closer and I realize it is my car and I left the lights on. I unlocked my car (it may have been unlocked, it doesn’t usually let me lock it with the key in the ignition. WOOOOOOOOOOOPS!!) and realize that my key is still in the ignition. The lights are still on because they go off when I pull the key out. And, my radio was still playing…. LOL Sooo thankful no one messed with my car!

Something stupid on someone else — We were walking back to my car, in the dark, and there’s a lady just in front of us pushing a stroller. There’s no sidewalk, just mushy grass. The baby fell out of the stroller onto the grass, we believe in a really mushy/muddy part. Um …. I know strollers are designed to keep babies in, so what happened?? Did they forget to buckle her in? The baby cried and cried. Hope she was okay!

We went looking for a scrapbook store. I need refills for my adhesive runner and can’t find it in stores anywhere! I used to buy it at Hobby Lobby!! Not sure what happened! But it has been a while since I’ve scrapbooked …. The only one in Muskogee is Hobby Lobby. So we went there, hoping maybe they had some. They were right next to JoAnn Fabrics, so we went there first, there was a close spot open by their store. I did not find my refills, but I did find an awesome, fuzzy, orange blanket!!! I want to have the Oklahoma State logo embroidered on it. (= It was marked $14.99 but it was on sale 50% off!!! I paid $8.14 for the blanket!!!! SOOOO excited!! I mean, I already have 2 OSU blankets, but I don’t know that I can ever have enough! (=

At this point, I’m hobbling pretty badly. It hurts to walk on my left foot. But, I’m determined go into JoAnn and Hobby Lobby.

No refills for my adhesive runner at Hobby Lobby, either.

Then we went to Long John Silver/A&W Root Beer for dinner. (See, run and eat, run and eat!) I upgraded my drink to a Root Beer Freeze. Like me, you might ask what that is …. Being familiar with Sonic, I asked the cashier if it was a blended float (and even further back they were called flurries. I guess that didn’t take off like they were hoping). She said no, it’s like a shake with a little bit of soda in it. (LOL that’s what a blended float is …… but whatever) That’s what I want. Upgrade my drink to a Freeze, please. Okay, but it’ll be this cup (she points to a 32 ounce cup). Okay, I say (I don’t believe I’ll have a problem drinking that. Now …. I shouldn’t drink that, but trust me, I’m willing to try!!).

True to her word – I got a 32 ounce Root Beer Freeze. (=

And true to mine, I drank almost all of it. Most of it was consumed as I was driving home. I left a little in the bottom. Mom drank it when we hit Owasso.

So, I had a nice hot bath when we got home. I’m hoping my foot feels better tomorrow. And I’m hoping this new pair of shoes will work out for me! If not, I’m going to continue wearing the old ones until they just fall apart!!! I’ve never had such trouble with running shoes!!!

8.52 miles in 2:16:44 | Average pace 16:02 | Mile 1 – 15:45 | Mile 2 – 15:13 | Mile 3 – 15:16 | Mile 4 14:45 | Mile 5 – 15:51 | Mile 6 – 15:47 | Mile 7 – 17:05 | Mile 8 – 17:47 | Mile 8-8.52 – 9:12 (17:34 pace)

3.14 in 49:39 | Average pace 15:48 | Mile 1 – 14:54 | Mile 2 – 16:15 | Mile 3 – 16:09 | Mile 3-3.14 – 2:19 (16:28 pace)

Ooohhhhhh and we ran walked on Thursday! I didn’t blog about it. —

2.91 miles in 46:36 | Average pace 16:02 | Mile 1 – 16:40 | Mile 2 – 15:36 | Mile 2-2.91 14:49 (15:49 pace) We were definitely not motivated to run. But we did walk, so we get credit for that! (=


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