adventures in running

“coulda done better if my feet didn’t hurt” — 13.1 miles!

That was the consensus when we got back to the car!

I was sick last week from Tuesday until Friday. I felt much better on Saturday. Almost normal on Sunday. We hadn’t run since last Saturday when we did 8.5 and then did the Garden of Lights 5k a few hours later. But Mom wanted to make sure we could do 13.1 in the time limit at the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. The website says this about their Pacing Requirements:

All athletes entering the Walt Disney World® Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon or 5K must maintain a 16-minute per mile pace throughout the race. Anyone not able to maintain the respective paces may be picked up and transported to the finish. You may be picked up at any point along the course and transported for not maintaining pace. It is suggested that you train at a 15-minute per mile pace.

Sooooo ………. I need to be able to finish the 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 28 minutes. Including restroom breaks, if needed (I didn’t for this run), stopping to take pictures with the characters, water stops, whatever. I have to be able to do it in 3 hours and 28 minutes. Now, it says anyone not able to maintain the respective paces may be picked up… I’m not sure what that threshold would be. I wonder if I’m still moving, still trying, if they’d pick me up. I’m not sure they would have picked me up during this run.

I ran intervals of 3 and 3 for the first 5 miles. After 2.3 miles I was ready to be done. My left foot was hurting in the same spot that hurt so bad after our run last week!! It hurt a little less when I ran. For a little bit anyway. I was ready to turn around and crawl back to the car. But I didn’t want Mom to go out on the trail on her own and I knew she would. She also didn’t want to just go out a few miles and come back a few times, she wanted to go 6.55 out and see where the trail goes. So that’s what we did.

She was amazing! She set her Garmin for run 3 walk 2 and did them, even through mile 13. She circled back to me so she didn’t get too far ahead of me so she ended up with 14.15 miles!

Her feet were giving her fits, too!!

We both got new shoes recently for the half marathon. I’ve had 2 other pairs of shoes and never had a problem with them. We may be expecting too many continuous miles of them, but still, my last pair of shoes did 9.3 without hurting my feet!!! When we got back to the car, she called our shoes some not nice words!! LOL I believe we’ll both wear our pretty worn out shoes for the half marathon!! It can’t be any worse!!

I kept counting down …. 3 more miles and we’ll turn around. 2 and a half more miles and we’ll turn around. 2 more miles and we’ll turn around. 1 and a half more miles …… I was in pain already!!!

Once I got to 6.57 we turned around. And then I started counting down again! 6 more miles and you’re done. 5 and a half more miles and you’re done ….

After 10 miles I really could have just sat down and cried. If someone would have been driving behind me waiting for me to give up, I might have at this point. I might have let them cart me in.

But I was determined to make it back to the car on my own and get 13.1 miles in.

I believe my feet were probably numb at this point. I certainly wouldn’t have even wanted to try running for fear of falling!!!

See …. when we left the house at like 1 it was niiiiice outside! Warm enough for short sleeve shirts and capri running pants! I didn’t even consider how long we’d be gone and that the sun might set while we were running. But it did. And it got chilly!!! I believe most of me was numb. And I don’t think it was really that cold!

The Osage Prairie Trail takes you through Skiatook and through Sperry. We went just past 86th Street North just west of Peoria. About 2 miles west of Highway 75 at 86th Street North! ! This trail really is fantastic! You cross a few roads in Skiatook, but they’re not busy. You cross Main Street in Sperry, but that wasn’t busy. There are a few other roads, but we may have seen 10 cars the whole run. It was Christmas Day. LOL There are some obstacles on the trail … mainly poo. Horse poo.

We saw horses on our run for the first time. I was a little worried that they were going to trample over me! There were 2. The man led and didn’t look like he was doing a great job at controlling his horse…. The lady seemed more in control But dang! Horses are just huge!!! One mis-step and I’d be in PAIN in other places than just my feet!

I am sooooo glad to be done with this run! I’m hoping the one in just under 2 weeks will be much better!!!

The half marathon is sold out. Well, everything but the Pasta in the Park Party is sold out!!! The Full Marathon, the Marathon Relay, the Half Marathon, Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge (the half  marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday), the 5k, and the Kids’ Races. I just hope that I’m not the last one in the half marathon. That might be pretty disappointing. Still a huge accomplishment. but a disappointment as well!

We had made chocolate milk and packed it in reusable bottles in an ice chest with ice for a recovery drink when we were done. What a smart idea that was! It was Christmas Day. There was nothing open to stop and grab a bite to eat. QT was open, but we certainly wouldn’t have wanted to get out of the car and walk anywhere. It was all we could do to get out of the car and walk in the house when we made it back home.

We’re hoping the race goes much better. And that we’ll be able to enjoy our 2 day park hopper passes!!

I’ve still got plenty of room on my playlist for some voice recordings. Let me know if you want to know how to do it.


Soooo …..

I went 13.17 miles in 3:35 | Average pace 16:20

Mile 1 – 16:13
Mile 2 – 15:44
Mile 3 – 15:41
Mile 4 – 15:41
Mile 5 – 16:07
Mile 6 – 15:55
Mile 7 – 16:43
Mile 8 – 16:39
Mile 9 – 16:27
Mile 10 – 16:27
Mile 11 – 16:46
Mile 12 – 17:01
Mile 13 – 16:53
Mile 13-13.1 – 3.61 (pace 17:18)


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