adventures in running

3 miles at Claremore Lake

I thought it would be wise of us to go for a short run.

The weather was amazing! We went running at about 3:30. I took PTO this afternoon and Mom was able to leave early because she didn’t take a lunch. The sun was shining. There was a gentle breeze. We couldn’t have asked for a better day for running!

I ran intervals of 3 and 2. I ran most of the intervals but walked a few.

My left shin hurt a bit, but I believe it’s because of the sore foot from Sunday’s run.

Really excited about the Walt Disney World Half Marathon!! Still nervous that I won’t make it in the time frame, but anything’s possible!! I’m thinking if I could do 13.1 in pain for 11 or more miles, I can do 13.1 in the time frame required!! I just believe it’ll happen!

Not much happened today to write about.

Went 3 miles in 45:39 | Average Pace 15:12 | Mile 1 – 15:31 | Mile 2 – 15:31 | Mile 3 – 14:33


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