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Countdown – 6 Days to my WDW Half Marathon

Started 2012 off right …. with a run!!

I wanted to do 5 miles today. Once we got ready and were on our way, Mom said she wanted to do 6.5. She realllly didn’t want to do any miles today. But since she had to get ready, she wanted to go 6.5? LOL She said she wanted to do half of what we’ll have to do next weekend, so I guess I understand that.

I figured if she was doing 6.5, I’d end up with 6 miles.

I wore my “new” Adidas shoes from Tulsa Runner. They’re the shoes that helped me run faster, but they hit me at an unusual spot at my ankle and caused pains up both shins. I use the “marathon tie” to tie my shoes, which makes them pretty tight at the top of the shoe, so I undid that and ran in them again today.

They were better than before. And I did go faster than normal. But I still don’t think I’m happy with the way they feel when I run in them.

Mom exchanged her shoes at Fleet Feet and got New Balance. And she wore them for the first time today on our 6 mile run. And said they felt good!!

So, both of my shoes, the Adidas, and the Saucony’s I bought after I had issues with the Adidas, will be going back to the stores where they were purchased! I am hoping for an amazing pair of shoes that don’t cause any problems!

My average pace was 14:56, so as long as my feet aren’t killing me on Saturday, I SHOULD MAKE THE TIME FRAME!!!

The run wasn’t bad. But it could have been better. My feet didn’t ever hurt bad enough to want to quit, but I couldn’t have gone 13 without being in pain!

I went 6.12 in 1:31:28 | Average Pace 14:56(!!!!) | Mile 1 – 14:55 | Mile 2 – 14:52 | Mile 3 – 14:26 | Mile 4 – 15:03 | Mile 5 – 15:22 | Mile 6 – 14:46 | Mile 6-6.13 – 2:00 (16:05 pace)

We’re flying standby. So please pray that we make our flights and arrive without problems!

Before we go I have to —

  • Exchange 2 pairs of BAD running shoes
  • Look for a hydration belt. Since I started running, I’ve used a hand held Camelbak. I love it because you squeeze the bottle and it shoots out at you. There’s a lock button so if it’s locked and you squeeze it, you don’t spray water where you don’t want it. But, I don’t really want to run 13.1 miles with that in my hand. Especially if I’m going to be needing to take pictures of myself with DISNEY characters!! So, I’ve got to find a belt I think I can run 13.1 miles with. That lets me squeeze the bottle so that water shoots out. That has a pocket or two for beans, stingers, gu, whatever. That doesn’t bother me when I run. That holds as much liquid (water and/or gatorade) as my Camelbak. We’re going tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I find something! Just reading on the website that there are water stops about every 1.5 miles. That sounds pretty good, but they won’t have Gatorade, they’ll have PowerAde. HHMMMMMM
  • Purchase a few packages of Honey Stingers. Mom already bought the beans at Walmart.
  • Complete my playlist – I’d still love more voice memos!!!
  • Work two days without getting sick.
  • Pack everything I think I will need while we’re in Florida – a wide selection of running gear, clothes for the days we aren’t running, the days we visit the parks!!, hair stuff, shower stuff, snacks, anything else I can think of! AND HOPE IT FITS IN MY SUITCASE!!!
OOOHHHHHH WOW!!!! I am soooooooooo excited and so nervous and just really looking forward to our adventure!!! I’m excited to visit Disney World and all it’s parks! I’m excited to have a Half Marathon under my belt!!
If you know my name and would like to get updates on my run, you may follow along on my facebook page. They’re supposed to update there. Or get updates yourself here.
I don’t know for sure, but my assumption is that I will be in Wave 8, the last wave, that leaves at 6:17 am. The first wave is wheel chairs and they leave at 5:30 am. We have to be IN our corrals by 5:30 or we can’t do the run. So it’ll be an EARLY start on Saturday!!
Just read this on the website –
Can I use my iPod, MP3 player or headphones?
Headphones can be worn but are discouraged due to audio messages that are placed throughout the course to ensure your safety.

Hello? You want me to go 13.1 miles (or other crazies going 26.2) WITHOUT MUSIC? Are you NUTS??

So, I’m still looking for voice memos! And please be praying that we make our flights!!

Ohhh …. and I painted our toes red. And put white Mickey ears on the big toes. Now, they aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty cute! (=


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