adventures in running

3 miles in Skiatook

I wanted to run in my new shoes tonight. Well, I did before I knew it was going to be cold. Mom didn’t want to go at all. She got off work late so we were late getting to the trail. It was dark. And cold. But she went with me anyway!

My shoes felt pretty good. They were hitting me at an awkward place on my ankle. My mom suggested undoing the laces in the top holes. That seemed to work. They felt sooo much better than either pair of the other shoes that I returned.

Here’s a picture …

I believe they’re a little flashy ….. but they felt good!

Mom wasn’t into the run. I’m not sure why. She said her shoes felt good.

After the run, Mom wanted pizza buffet. So, we went to Mazzio’s hoping Tuesday was the day they had the buffet. AND IT IS! hahaha Don’t judge me! We had pizza buffet. And salad bar. And a bit of dessert. But I only had one plate of stuff and half of it was salad! (=

I believe the city of Skiatook has benefited from having the trail. We’ve eaten there several times after running and we’ve stopped at the Walmart at least once because we needed some stuff. I really wish Owasso had a trail like this. It’s absolutely amazing! Just in case you didn’t read the post where I talked about it –

  • There’s a nice play ground at the start.
  • There’s a restroom. A heated restroom. They haven’t had soap in it since we started running there, but there’s water and an air dryer.
  • There are just a few streets you have to cross. And they’re not busy.
  • It’s really pretty flat!
I wore my one of my KB skirts with my phone in one pocket and my camera in the other. I wanted to see how my camera would fit in my pocket and if it would bother me at all. It fit perfectly and I didn’t even feel it there. And it should be super easy and quick to get it out of my pocket. As long as I’m not carrying my water bottle. URG! I still don’t know what to do about that. I really think I should just buy a hydration belt, but I’m worried it won’t fit right and it’ll be worse than carrying my hand held water bottle. And I figured out that I CAN  take a picture of myself and a Disney character WHILE moving. As long as the character isn’t too much taller than me. See …..

There’s a place on my right for the characters! AND I didn’t stop walking! HAHA They’ll just have to walk with me! My camera had a hard time with this picture because it was dark, but it didn’t turn out too bad.

I took a nice hot bath with a bath bomb when we got home! I’ve got two packed for our trip! (= I will certainly enjoy that after the run!!!

Still super nervous and super excited!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Went 3 miles in 44:35 | Average pace 14:49 | Mile 1 – 15:04 | Mile 2 – 14:51 | Mile 3 – 14:33


One response

  1. C'est moi

    You know the rule… NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY. And by “on race day”, that pretty much means the two weeks leading UP to race day. No hydration belt. Carry your water bottle! Don’t make ANY changes before a half marathon. I already gave you the shoe lecture. Don’t make me repeat it. 😉

    January 4, 2012 at 1:37 am

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