adventures in running

Aaaannnnndd I’m back

Ohhhh my goodness. I haven’t run since my half marathon – January 7. I have been a lazy bum. And to be honest, it felt pretty good! And pretty bad all at the same time.

But yesterday was such a nice day that Mom and I were determined to run today.

Traffic was horrendous on the way home. Ridiculous. Three lanes heading North on Owasso. Far left lane is closed for about half a mile. Two miles down the road, where it decreases to two lanes, the right lane is closed. I was fortunate enough to hear the lane closures on KRMG so I knew they were coming. RIDICULOUS. You know what’s irritating. Those jerks who don’t feel like they need to get over until they get riiiiiight up to the pylons. REALLY?? The long lines of cars mean nothing to you?? YOU KNOW WHAT’S WORSE?????? IDIOTS THAT LET THEM IN!!!

So, it took me forever to get home. Then mom and I headed out. We were going to go to Skiatook because we love the trail but decided we’d just run in the park at Collinsville. TOTALLY forgot how stinkin’ hilly the park is. And really small.

But, the hills were good for my hiney. (=

My thighs, belly, and sides were itching like crazy!! I’m not sure why, but my body gets like that when it’s out of shape and I try to run or walk.

Not much to blog about, but it really was good to be out again. And it was just beautiful outside. It got up to 74* today. On February 22. Soooo beautiful. I ate lunch outside.

I went 2.07 miles in 32:13 | Mile 1 – 14:54 | Mile 2 – 15:59 | Average pace 15:33


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