adventures in running

So hard to start again!

So, I’ve run like 5 times in the two and a half months since my half marathon. I juuuust might be a fair weather runner. I don’t like running in the cold. And I don’t like running when it’s super hot. Well, okay. The truth is, I don’t think I actually mind running in any season. I just have a really hard time being motivated enough to put on my running gear and go.

Mom and I did the Band on the Run 5k on March 10

I ran at LaFortune park with SB and JB on March 25. 3 miles. JB’s first run after having her beautiful baby!

Mom and I ran in Skiatook on March 31. 4 miles. Got there at like 1. I didn’t realize it would be as hot as it was!! Holy cow! We ran out two and then came back. And then I really wanted to jump in this pond…


You know what else is in Skiatook?


A Tastee Freeze. Where they make dip cones. That’s right, DIP CONES! But their sweet tea wasn’t very sweet.

Then I ran by myself around home on April 16. 2.6 miles

Mom and I ran at the Oologah track on April 18. 3 miles

Today was a beautiful day. I felt great. Really made me miss running. I just need to keep myself motivated because we have signed up for the Joplin Memorial Run half marathon on May 19!!


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