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Will Rogers Memorial 5k – Claremore

The run started at 8am. I thought it would be chilly, but it was supposed to warm up. I wore my capris and a long sleeve tech shirt, but took a short sleeve tech shirt in case I wanted to change before we started.

We got there around 7:20 and got our bibs and chips. That took place inside the Will Rogers Museum. I’ve been around Claremore for a very long time and have never been inside the museum. It was neat. Smelled old. I would like to go back and check everything out.

The course was all on the campus of Rogers State University. Being back on campus brought back a lot of memories. Things have changed a lot since I went attended. My first semester there were just a few apartments. Now they’ve got two large apartment complexes. The huge library that went up right in the middle of campus was being built my last semester on campus.

So, the run was just a little on campus and a lot on the nature reserve trail. I spent a lot of time at RSU. More time than I’ll admit here. And I think I knew there was a nature reserve trail. But I didn’t know where it was. I didn’t know what it looked like. It was just easier not to know.

So this was just advertised as a 5k. Not a trail run. And compared to the other true trail run I did, this one was easy. But it was not a regular 5k. It was difficult. The terrain was a challenge in several spots. There was asphalt, holes, gravel, mulch type sutff, ground, wooden bridges, and the course was pretty narrow. And there vehicles when we were on the road.

Like most races, there were people I played tag with. When I was running, I’d pass them. When I was walking, they’d pass me. It was a little harder to pass, but the trail wasn’t crowded so I never got irritated (like I did with the other true trail run.)

My time wasn’t bad. It wasn’t anything special. It’s average for me. But I am proud of that because of the course.

When we were headed back home we saw lots of bicyclists. We determined that there must have been a triathlon in Claremore. I assume they came from the Claremore Expo where they swam and were headed up Highway 88. They had cops directing traffic. But I don’t think they were doing a good job. See, they went north on 88 for quite a ways and then turned around and came back. But right there at the fire station they had traffic backed up and the bicyclists that were headed back didn’t know where to go. That would have freaked me out if I were on the bike! So, when we were flagged on, we ended up driving next to some cyclists. And we’d pass them and catch up to another. Eventually I told Mom to start taking pictures. Some of them looked so strong coming. I was very impressed. I’m not good on a bike and I don’t ever see myself doing that kind of craziness! One stupid guy jumped right out in front of me and if I hadn’t really been watching, he wouldn’t have finished his race. Seriously. I was very thankful that I was watching! We saw two guys pushing their bikes. One was just walking his. The other was trying to run with his, but he kept getting tripped up. My hat is off to those crazy enough to attempt a triathlon! There were no signs telling drivers that there was a triathlon going on and what they needed to do. No signs. The turn around was right on the highway and anyone not paying attention could have taken out a bicyclist. It really would have been beneficial to have signs on the side of the road with info on the triathlon. But that’s just my opinion. I usually err on the side of sharing way too much information. Because it might be appreciated. (=

Tomorrow evening we’re doing the Run Tulsa Pink 5k.


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  1. C'est moi

    hmmm….. sounds like maybe TAT shouldn’t have taken over there with the tri….. Glad to see you updating again!! 🙂

    April 22, 2012 at 9:38 pm

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