adventures in running

Run Tulsa Pink 5k

I loved this run. I think it would have been better if it wasn’t on a Sunday evening. The run didn’t start until 7:30.

Remember that I did the Will Rogers Memorial 5k yesterday? So that’s two 5ks in one weekend. And I really enjoyed both of them!

PIIIIINK!!!! I LOVED ALL THE PINK!! There was a ton of pink. And quite a few men wearing pink! And some people not wearing pink. What’s up with that??? Here’s a pic of Mom and I before the run ….

Check out this pic … LOVE THE PINK!!!

I use Jog Log on my iphone to keep track of my intervals and play my music. And apparently I can’t take pictures while the app is running. So, when I switch to camera mode, the app shuts down. The music shuts off. I switch back to the app and it catches back up. It was weird!

I really felt good during this run!

I went 3.18 in 45:33 | Mile 1 – 14:08 | Mile 2 – 14:45 | Mile 3 – 14:30 | Mile 3-3.18 avg page 11:47 (someone almost caught up to me at the finish line. I wasn’t going to let them pass me!!


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