adventures in running

10 miles, a decision, and a busy day

We’re training for the Joplin Half Marathon. It’s in 2 weeks. We really haven’t been training like we should. I didn’t run all week.

We are trying to eat healthy. Not just fruits & veggies, but organic fruits & veggies because the pesticides can be dangerous to our bodies. So we wanted to go to the Cherry Street Farmers Market this morning. I set my alarm for 6:30 thinking we needed to get the day started early. It’s been pretty warm all week. Like almost 90*.

We didn’t end up leaving until 9. We enjoyed the farmers market. We bought red onion, garlic, broccoli, mixed greens, radish, honey, and bread.

Then we went to Fleet Feet in the Blue Dome district for some sport beans.

Then we headed for Riverside.

Once there, I realized I only had one water bottle holder for my hydration belt. Remember we’re training for a half? The goal was to go 13 miles. So both water bottles would have been good. There are water fountains along the river. I just had to use them.

I set my intervals to run 2, walk 4. Lame, I know, but I wanted to be able to finish. I did well the first half. There was a point where Mom walked back to me and said she was just going to walk the rest of it. So I led the way. We parked just north of 21st Street and went all the way to 71st Street. And I felt good. But as soon as I turned around to head back it switched. I didn’t want to run anymore. My feet started hurting. It was not good.

Mom passed me. I saw her up a ways running. Obviously she’s doing better the second half than I am. She came back to me and asked if I wanted her to get the car. I told her no, I’d make it. But I gave her the key so she could turn the car on and get it cold.

I didn’t end up making it back to the car. I stopped at 41st Street for a break. She didn’t have her phone with her. It was in the car. I knew she couldn’t have been back to the car yet. And I wasn’t sure she’d check her phone, so I got up and kept going. I made it to 31st Street and stopped again. I texted her. And then again. Thinking if she doesn’t check the phone, maybe she’ll hear it beeping. After a few minutes, not certain she’d check her phone at all, I got up and tried to go the remaining mile. I got about a block and she called me. And I was glad. I felt awful. I had eaten a slice of toast with peanut butter for breakfast. But that was at 7:30. It was now after 1 and my body was out of fuel. I could have thrown up. I might have been close to passing out. The sport beans and honey stingers were just making me sick at that point with the sweetness. Then I had to wait for her to come get me. Where there wasn’t anywhere to sit down and no shade. She came pretty quick. I was disappointed in myself. Disappointed that I couldn’t go one more mile. Disappointed that I couldn’t do 13.

The first half I had convinced myself not to give up on the Half Marathon. I could do it. On the way back I knew that I couldn’t. It *might* have been better if we’d started earlier and it wasn’t so hot. It *might* have been better if I’d eaten more toast/peanut butter. It *might* have been better if I hadn’t eaten breakfast so long before running. But I can’t change any of that on this run. And this run told me that I couldn’t do the Joplin Half Marathon in 2 weeks. I was miserable. I will continue to run/walk. I’ll probably stick to 5ks and maybe some 10ks. I completed one half marathon and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

So … that’s my running for the day. THEN ….

We went to QT to use the restroom and change. And grab an iced tea because it sounded really good.

Then we went 91st and Memorial to get something for Mom’s boss. We drove past a Josh’s Sno Cone stand. The only ones open in Tulsa. We hadn’t had lunch yet, so we couldn’t get one. And there was a line!!

Then we went to Abuelo’s for lunch. My dad was supposed to take me there last night but he hurt his foot at work and wasn’t able to. So, I was still able to get my Abuelo’s fix. And I should be able to go again this Friday with Dad.

Then we went to Whole Foods. Really. I love this place. We took in a few jars to fill with bulk stuff. Just a note: wide mouth jars are best!!

Then to Food Pyramid for creamer for Mom. Not clean. Not healthy. But it’s okay for now.

There was a Snow Cone stand that wasn’t open. Just disappointing. The sign said they would open on Monday. HELLO? IT’S SATURDAY. IT’S HOT.  YOU ARE LOSING MONEY BY NOT BEING OPEN!!!!!!!

Then we drove to Claremore. Mom had seen a square glass canister set that I might want. I’ve been searching for some. Square makes more sense because they fit better on a shelf, without using unnecessary space. I looked at the Atwood’s in Owasso but didn’t see any. I bought 4 sets at Atwood’s in Claremore. And I’m not sure I’m done. I mean, eventually I will move out and I won’t want to leave Mom without canisters. (I posted the pic in the previous blog.)

Then we went to Ace because she wanted to try out a fold up rocking chair. But it wasn’t in an Ace ad, it was in a True Value ad. Which is Pixley Lumber in Claremore. She didn’t want to go there, though. She was tired and ready to be home. Also, the snow cone stand in Claremore said they would open April 23. But they were not open.

We came home and took hot baths. That were not good on our sunburns. Yep. Sunburns. We were out running/walking for 3 hours. I put sunscreen on my face. Most of it. There’s a section just at my hairline that didn’t get sunscreen. That was red. And most of my face had a pink tint, but not too bad. My shoulders, now they were RED! I also got quite a bit of sun on my legs, but not so much a burn. Mom also had a sunburn on the back of her arms and the back of her legs. It’s not like we don’t own sunscreen. We just obviously don’t use it when we should!


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