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How the West Was Run and other things in Jenks

I didn’t blog about last Saturday’s run. Here’s the short of it –

Mom and I ran in the How the West Was Run 5k in Jenks. Jenks is generally a little too far for to do stuff, but the run didn’t start until 9am.

We did the 5k. 46:31 | average pace was 14:53. I felt great through the run. I did intervals of 2 and 2. Because we’re training for the Joplin Half Marathon, we did a few more miles after the run. 4. And we both walked the 4 miles. My knee was hurting. Mom’s knees were hurting. 4.28 miles in 1:17:13 | average pace was 18:03.

After running, we went to QT to use the restroom and change out of our running gear.

We headed back to an area where we’d run through because they had a garage sale (probably the most traffic for a garage sale, although none of us stopped) and Mom saw a rocking chair she thought she wanted. It was gone by the time we got back there.

While we were in that area, we saw a sign for the Jenks Herb Festival. Happening right then, so we headed there! That was a neat little thing we hadn’t expected. We purchased some hydroponic tomatoes (grown in water, not soil) grown in Broken Arrow and a beautiful rose bush.

While we were running, we saw a (garden) nursery Mom wanted to go check out. Again, Jenks really isn’t where we do things, so this place was new to us. HOLY COW was this place HUGE!! It’s Southwood Nursery. They had parking attendants. Well, sort of. They were directing traffic. We parked on one side and had to walk half way around the building to find it. I mean, this place was big enough that they had “street” signs. Gigantic. Mom bought some pesticide for the new rose bush and a few gerbera daisy plants.

Then we ate lunch at Luby’s. Have any of you been there? It’s really weird. It reminds me so much of my childhood. Mom and I would come to Tulsa most Saturday’s to visit my grandma, Mom’s mom. And we’d go to Luby’s for lunch. It’s a “cafeteria” so they’ve got a ton of things to choose from, a lot of it is the stuff you wouldn’t take the time to fix at home. And for forever, I’ve always gotten their fried fish. YUM! Well, the one we used to go to is no longer there, but they built a new one at 71st and Peoria several years ago. Now, on Saturday’s it’s all you can eat. It wasn’t when I was little. It doesn’t include drinks or dessert, though. I understand it not including drinks, but dessert? Oh well. I don’t get their dessert anyway. I always eat way too much. Because it’s all you can eat. but you know what’s worse than my plate? Seeing others with a table full of food just for themselves. You know, the people that make the staff cringe when they walk in the door? Yeah.

Then to the wonderful world of Whole Foods. Now, I’m really new into the eating healthy thing. You wouldn’t believe that after reading my last paragraph, would you? Well, I am. We’ve purchased (but not used yet) whole wheat pastry flour. Have you been to Whole Foods. I don’t know why we like it so much, but it is just a neat store! I LOVE the bulk bins! Have I mentioned on here that we’re trying to cut plastic out of our lives? That’s right. Good-bye plastic. You leach chemicals into my water and food which goes into my body and I’m not okay with that. So, we’re kicking plastic to the curb and embracing glass. Glass storage bowls, glass canisters for our new bulk purchases from Whole Foods, looking into glass spice jars, glass bottles for for water. Here are the bottles – This one is from the “Easter Bunny.” She got it from Whole Foods. This one is 16 ounces, they also have a 22 ounce bottle.

I LOVE IT!! This was brand new. It now has a few owies because I left it unattended at an Easter function at church and I believe it got knocked over. I’m just glad it didn’t break. There is a bit of a leaking problem. It doesn’t leak all the time, just randomly. And that could be from it being knocked over. I haven’t noticed any cracks or chips or anything.

Then there’s these that we use to take water to work with us. Mom is drinking Kangen water. I didn’t like it, or the restrictions (don’t drink it with food, don’t take medications with it, don’t drink it past 7pm because it can keep you awake) so I’m just drinking purified water. Mom gets both forms of water from the same place in Claremore (no website). I got these bottles here, they’re located at 71st and Memorial.

This has clean eating Raspberry Lemonade in it. I got the recipe here and just used a pint of organic raspberries instead of a pound of strawberries. YUM!!! Just a warning, it does take more time than you think if you’re going to squeeze your lemons fresh. Which I did. And it’s best to strain your stuff twice. Just once and it’s possible to still have floaties. I’m not a fan of floaties, even if it’s just part of the fruit.

And then I got this for Mom for Mother’s Day. She ruined the surprise. It’s not Mother’s Day yet. A few weeks ago, I saw this at Target when I was looking at glass canisters. I sent her a pic and asked if she wanted one. She said maybe later. So, I purchased one for her for Mother’s Day. This weekend she decided she wanted to stop at Target and get one. So I had to tell her she couldn’t. And I had to tell her why. This one was less expensive than the one from the Easter Bunny.

And these are the glass canisters I bought. From Atwood’s. Excellent price!

So, this post turned into my venture into being healthy instead of running, but this makes me healthy, too.


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