adventures in running

Osage Prairie Trail in Skiatook

(5.25.12) I went 3.16 miles in 48:52 | Average pace – 15:27 | Mile 1 – 15:35 | Mile 2 – 15:38 | Mile 3 – 15:31 | Mile 3-3.16 – 2:07 (13:08 pace)

We have a busy day tomorrow so Mom didn’t want to have to get up early to run. And we’ve learned not to run in the afternoon. So, we ran tonight. I am very proud of us! We met at home. And were both chilling on the couch. And neither of us was motivated to actually go run. But we did. And it felt great.

We’ll probably run again because our next scheduled run isn’t until Tuesday.

I did the 1 run, walk 3 intervals the whole run. Trying to keep my run intervals around a 12 minute pace. It was awesome. The last run interval I got below a 10 minute pace. Briefly. And just below. But still, it was below a 10 minute pace.

The trail was perfect! Shady. Breezy. Flat. Perfect. If you haven’t been running, walking, or biking on the trail, you should check it out!

Can you tell what’s neat in this picture?



See the person behind me?

That’s my MOM!!!! The first half, I was in front of her the whole way. Usually, I’ve got a minute or two on her, and then she takes off and I never catch her. This time, I was in front of her until just after I took this picture. Maybe she saw me taking this picture and got motivated. Because seriously. Just after I took this picture, she passed me. I caught up to her, though. And I finished before her. (=

I’m having fun running! And that’s a good thing!


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