adventures in running

Running with a buddy

JB, who was part of my first Pathways (10k training program) group, posted on facebook yesterday and tagged those of us that were in the group – KC, KB, SB, and myself. She asked if we could get together today to go running. It turned out to just be JB and myself. Hopefully we’ll do this more often and be able to get all of us together at once!

So I met JB at LaFortune park at 1:30. Yes, that’s right. The heat of the day. Because we’re crazy. Because that’s the time that works for us. And it really was the heat of the day. And about as humid as it gets.

She’s going through the No Boundaries program again with Fleet Feet, just like me, but in Tulsa. So we’re on the same schedule with intervals (run 2, walk 3). We ran her pace. Which is my comfortable pace. And we did excellent. We didn’t run the last few run intervals, but we were out. Moving. Sweating.

I felt great. It was neat to run with JB. To get to know her a little better. She had a baby (girl) in Februaryish. I’m very proud of her for getting back into running! It’s so easy to get out of the habit of doing it and sooo hard to get BACK in the habit of doing it!

It was hot throughout the whole run. We had about a half mile left and the sky turned overcast. When we were finished, it sprinkled on us a few times. Could have used cooler weather while running, though!

We went 3.25 miles in 58:32 | Average pace – 18:01 | I used my garmin for intervals so it didn’t keep track of my mile marks. Oh well.


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